10 best superhero video games that aren’t based on comics

Comic book fans have been fortunate enough to enjoy a number of fantastic video game adaptations over the past few years that have brought popular superheroes to life in new medium. While the blockbuster video game genre hasn’t been limited to just adaptations of existing superhero properties from the comics.

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There have been quite a few video games that explore the superhero genre in new and original ways that aren’t tied to already established comics, leaving these games free of continuity or fan expectations to offer new ones. Daring superhero tales for fans to experience.

ten Comix Zone was a 90s Beat’Em Up in a comic book

Comix Zone video game scene

1995 saw the release of Comix Zone on Sega Genesis which took inspiration from the comics and comic book games by dropping the main character in a comic book to have him fight panel to panel through the pages of his comic book after his mutant villain Mortus was brought to life.

Players control Sketch Turner, a grunge fan and comic book creator who must save his comic world from alien invaders and find a way to escape by tearing pages to reveal secrets before the world is destroyed by a holocaust nuclear.

9 Freedom Force was an extremely successful tactical RPG

Freedom Force characters

Irrational Games and EA have launched the very successful Force of freedom PC game in 2002, which introduced a number of new comic book heroes that paid homage to tropes and popular comic book characters to create a new world that gamers could control in a tactical RPG.

After an alien substance known as Energy X crashed into Earth, exposing and transforming a number of characters into costumed heroes that became one of the best PC games of the new millennium that led to a sequel equally successful that left fans wanting more of the franchise.

8 Viewtiful Joe played a transformed superhero movie fan

magnificent view

Hideki Kamiya was the game designer behind the 2003s Viewtiful Joe, which introduced gamers to avid movie fan named Joe who found himself transported to a world called Movie Land after his girlfriend was kidnapped, only to find himself transformed into a superhero named Viewtiful Joe.

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The side-scrolling beat’em up is a 2D platform game with 3D cel-shading that created a beautiful world filled with kinetic action that helped kickstart the success Viewtiful Joe franchise that introduced his girlfriend as his own superhero, Sexy Sylvia.

7 South Park: The Fractured But Whole was based on the TV series

South Park The Fractured But Whole Characters

2017 South Park: the fractured but whole is a sequel to the success of 2014 The Rod of Truth, both longtime Comedy Central stars South Park animated series that has introduced a few original costumed characters over the years.

The fractured but whole ditched the fantasy premise and immersed himself in the superhero genre with the role-playing game that follows the New Kid as he joins the mountain town of Colorado in the latest kid’s game as the city is divided to find out who will launch the next big superhero franchise.

6 Mega Man became a battle robot to save the world from Dr Wily

Original Mega Man Box Art

While the various robotics stars Mega man The franchise might not immediately cry out superhero, the point is that a robot willingly volunteered to be transformed into a more efficient fighting machine in order to deal with the threat of Dr. Wily and his plans to world domination.

Mega Man and his powerful arm cannon have undergone various modifications over the years, although even the initial game focused on upgrading his weapons to better handle his corrupt robot comrades, which also changed the color. of the character as a typical superhero costume change.

5 The Wonderful 101 featured a mighty horde of superheroes

The Wonderful 101 fighting a giant robot

Visionary game director Hideki Kamiya makes another roster appearance in 2013 The wonderful 101 for the Nintendo Wii U, which recently received a highly anticipated remaster for the Nintendo Switch which dropped in 2020.

The Wonderful Ones are a group of costumed heroes led by characters like Wonder-Red and Wonder-Green who are able to empower new heroes to form a powerful horde of costumed characters who can unite in powerful forms to take on an organization. evil alien in the genre’s unique take on superheroes.

4 City Of Heroes allowed players to create their own superheroes

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game called City of heroes debuted in 2004 by Cryptic Studios, which gave players the ability to create their own costumed superhero (or villain with the City of the Wicked slice) and begin their training to protect Paragon City or bring it down from the Rogue Isles.

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The game featured its own original heroic and villainous NPCs, but was beloved for its character customization and the continuation of its servers through 2012, although fans created their own servers to continue enjoying the hit game. .

3 Gravity Rush featured a superhero with the ability to control gravity

Gravity Rush 2 - Bag

While it might not seem like a superhero game to begin with, 2012 Gravity rush from Japan Studio’s Team Gravity features comic book cutscenes and all the necessary requirements for players to control the amnesiac hero Kat, whose powerful gravity manipulation abilities make her the protector of a besieged city. dark monsters.

Kat’s abilities provided a bold new way to navigate the open world setting that was perfected for the sequel. Gravity Rush 2, who improved his abilities to make battles even more intense while also focusing on the superhero Raven.

2 Prototype was an open-world game about a powerful shape-shifting scourge

Alex Mercer turns into a prototype

the Prototype The franchise featured a couple of protagonists who were certainly more antiheroes than superheroes following their exposure to a genetically engineered virus that gave them enhanced abilities and the power to metamorphose into other forms or create powerful weapons and devastating attacks fueled by the plague of black light. .

Alex Mercer was the hero of the first game as he fought against the government and tried to stop the spread of Blacklight, however Prototype 2 introduced James Heller also transformed as he sought revenge on Mercer in a unique horror twist on the usual superhero sequel.

1 Infamous has launched a franchise filled with new original heroes

Characters from the inFAMOUS franchise

Sucker Punch Productions released the first infamous in 2009, which featured new hero Cole MacGrath after finding himself transformed into an overpowered Conduit with electric powers, though players were able to upgrade and evolve them over the course of the blockbuster franchise.

The series continued with MacGrath while exploring new cities, although later editions like inFAMOUS: Second son introduces new conduits like Delsin Rowe and Abigail “Fetch” Walker and a number of different powers and abilities that explore the superhero genre in various cities across the open world.

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