Akita Prefecture’s Famous Riverside Fireworks Festival Returns

DAISEN, Akita Prefecture — Japan’s national fireworks competition will be held here on Aug. 27 in a riverside area for the first time in three years, the executive committee announced.

The event, popularly known as the Omagari Fireworks Festival, takes place along the Omonogawa River and features fireworks artists from 28 fireworks production companies across the country.

The committee will introduce measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in accordance with central government guidelines for large-scale events.

Visitors will have to go through entry checks to ensure they are wearing masks and taking other precautions.

Balcony seats will be omitted from prepaid viewing seats to prevent visitors from being in confined and crowded spaces.

The number of seats will be around 110,000, or around 60% of the total capacity of around 180,000, to keep a certain distance between each spectator.

There will be no street stalls.

Daisen Mayor Hiroyuki Oimatsu told a news conference that the committee on May 17 unanimously approved his suggestion that the city host the fireworks this year.

Tickets will be sold on site from July 3 and online from July 11.

For more details, visit the official website at (https://www.oomagari-hanabi.com/).

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