Authors Amplified Series: “ The Invention of Latin American Music ” by Pablo Palomino

Global Atlanta’s Authors Amplified series showcasing Georgia’s voices continues with a virtual interview with Dr. Pablo Palomino, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Mellon Faculty Fellow at Oxford College of Emory University and author of the recently published book The invention of Latin American documentaries.

About the book

The Invention of Latin American Music offers a transnational history of Latin America as a region, it uses a multidisciplinary approach to connect music to society, culture and politics, and finally, it challenges the ethnocentric assumptions and preconceptions about the unity of Latin America.

Speaker’s biography

Pablo Palomino is a cultural historian specializing in modern Latin America and teaches at Oxford College, Emory University. Originally from Argentina and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, he did his doctorate. at the University of California, Berkeley, and was also a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago.

His first book, The Invention of Latin American Music. A Transnational History (, was published by Oxford University Press in 2020. Its research and teaching includes the transnational cultural history of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, as well as the formation of Latin America as a region. Palomino worked at Memoria Abierta, an Argentinian alliance of human rights organizations that created Latin America’s first oral history archive on state terrorism and political violence. His articles deal with the cultural history of music, Pan-Americanism, the Jewish diaspora in Latin America, the modernist press in Argentina, and the critique of the concept of the “Global South”. He is currently working on two world histories: the cultural history of Argentine meat and the history of “Latin America” as a conceptual and institutional category.

He has lived in Atlanta since 2017 and is in love with the city and fascinated by its relationship with the nation and the world.

About the series

Georgia’s international expertise is sometimes hidden away in the ivory towers of academia or overshadowed by impending national figures. Wanted thought leaders sometimes shine around the world while being ignored in their own backyards.

With Authors Amplified, a monthly lecture series open to subscribers and the public, Global Atlanta features authoritative local voices in foreign and international affairs while highlighting the state’s intellectual contributions to important global conversations. .

The Authors Amplified series is presented by the Atlanta Global Studies Center (AGSC), a partnership of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University, funded in part by a grant from the US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center, with the mission to empower the global agenda of the metropolitan region.

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