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For the good of our country, it is important to talk about our history. They discussed a number of issues in American history after the Civil War. Specifically, they talked about the history of Mount Pleasant, Concord, and other parts of Cabarrus County. According to McCullough’s new book, found on, Callahan mentioned that during his research he found records of Coleman owning land in an area known as Gold Hill between Cabarrus and Rowan.

Coleman, Callahan said, would lend money to other former slaves, according to his research. Coleman’s family began in Mount Pleasant with pioneer John Paul Beringer, who came to America as an indentured servant. His family who came to America by ship were not the same as those on the slave ships, but many people were thrown overboard due to horrific conditions, including children. Of course, one of John Paul’s descendants was General Rufus Barringer of Concord. Barringer had two sons with a slave named Roxana Coleman. Focusing on this family, anyone can see that America, including President Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, is filled with interracial families that will only grow in the future (Google, America’s Browning) .

They also discussed the idea that American history should include all of the facts of slavery, Jim Crow, 1776, and that all good and bad should be shared with children as we try to move forward and to grow as a country. Another important discussion included the fact that Paul Barringer II came to Concord in April 2021 to meet his black family (see Paul Barringer II came to town dated May 14, 2021). They also discussed photos of Barber-Scotia, Logan and Shankletown schools that will be unveiled Feb. 26 at the Cannon Library.

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