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Military history lovers! We are proud to invite you to a Military History Authors’ Book Signing Session hosted by the Kern County Museum on Saturday.

Several of Kern County’s top military history writers will be signing and donating their books at discounted prices.

Some will also offer history lectures on a variety of topics, including the Eastern Front and the Normandy Campaign during WWII; the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan; the Israeli Air Force and the wars in the Middle East; and the Vietnam War. (For a full schedule, see sidebar.)

Some of the authors appearing at the event include:

Bill Norton is quite unique among US military historians as a retired Air Force officer who has written over a dozen books on the Israeli Air Force and the wars in the Middle -East.

Barry Bongberg’s daughter inspired him to write the wonderful book “Dear Mom and Dad: Letters Home from Vietnam, 1967-1969”. While battling cancer, one of her last requests was for her father to compile the letters he wrote to his parents during the war. The author will donate all of his profits to cancer research.

Barbara Schultz is well known for her books on the beginnings of Kern County aviation, but has also written on the history of Fort Tejon and other local events dating back to before the Civil War.

Dr Craig Luther is the author of several books including “Blood and Honor: The History of the 12th SS ‘Hitler Youth’ 1943-45”. The former Fulbright scholar (Bonn, West Germany) has completed his doctorate. in Modern European History at UC Santa Barbara in 1987, and was employed as a military historian by the US Air Force for 27 years. He retired in April 2011 so he could write more of his own WWII books.

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