Authors of the Value Research Center (VRC) Value model integrating ESG and sustainability measures

KYOTO, Japan, March 23, 2022 — (JCN Newswire) — The Value Research Center (VRC) launched an integrated value model of ESG and sustainability metrics in a new white paper released today. With the shift from short-term, profit-driven thinking to long-term, sustainable, value-driven thinking, businesses around the world must answer a fundamental question: “What value do you bring to our collective future? ? »

A value model for responsible business: the new white paper from the Value Research Center (VRC) was officially released today. The VRC initiative aims to improve the performance and social impact of the company.

The Doshisha University VRC was established in November 2021 to develop a value model that could guide any business to answer this question, thereby ensuring a more sustainable future. The VRC released its first white paper, “Unlocking Value”, in June 2021, incorporating 357 impact metrics from 15 of the world’s top ESG and sustainability frameworks and developing a model with 7 stakeholders, 27 themes and 80 goals to help companies objectively and transparently measure and manage the value impacts they have on their key stakeholders.

VRC’s new white paper, “A Value Model for Responsible Business”, incorporates 346 additional impact metrics from 6 new executives into the initial model. These 6 frameworks include the prototype climate-related disclosures from the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB); guidance from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) on measures, targets and transition plans; the planetary boundaries of the Stockholm Resilience Center; United Nations Development Program (UNDP) SDG Impact Standards for Business; International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards; and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) climate disclosures.

Professor Philip Sugai, Director of VRC, says: “Our team analyzed hundreds of existing impact metrics and organized them into 27 common themes, with 81 goals that any company, regardless of size, industry or sector location, can use to measure, manage and use Unlike existing ESG or sustainability reporting models, the VRC Value Model offers companies the ability to track their actual impacts on stakeholders, using this data to create strategies prospective aimed at further increasing the value they create for and with these stakeholders.

Masato Yamazaki, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a member of the VRC Operating Council, said, “The value model proposed by our VRC research team is an approach more advanced than any any other sustainability model or approach that exists today because it can automatically help identify the root causes of the problems companies face through well-developed assessment tools.”

“What we need today in sustainability efforts goes beyond simple reporting,” says Dr. Kumar Iyer, Value Creation Mentor and Operating Board Member at VRC. “The VRC value model is based on objective measurements and quantifiable indicators that can be independently verified. This is unique and different from any other sustainability reporting approach as it is directly linked to creating impact social.”

The white paper is available for download on the VRC website:

About the Value Research Center (VRC)

The Value Research Center (VRC) was officially established at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan in November 2021. The VRC aims to research and develop an open, accessible and transparent system for measuring, monitoring, evaluating and reporting impacts of the creation (destruction) of value. that organizations of any size do about the 7 stakeholder groups, including (1) the organization itself, (2) shareholders or owners, (3) customers, (4) employees, (5) the partners, (6) the society in which it operates, and (7) the planet.

Learn more about the VRC and its projects at, or email Philip Sugai at
[email protected]

* Webinar, March 25 – IAFOR discusses white paper with VRC Director Philip Sugai
Dr. Joseph Haldane, President and CEO of the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) will discuss the contents of this new white paper with VRC Director, Professor Philip Sugai, during a webinar on Friday, March 25, from 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. JST, in collaboration with Osaka University’s new ESG-IREC Research Center. This webinar will be free and reservations can be made at:

About the IAFOR Research Center (IRC)
The IRC aims to provide a research hub to nurture various international and interdisciplinary research policies that utilize the extensive networks of Osaka University and IAFOR.

About the ESG-IREC Research Center
Osaka University’s Graduate School of International Public Policy – ESG Integration Research and Education Center (ESG-IREC) conducts research on practically implemented “ESG integration” models in corporate business activities for the creation of a more sustainable future.

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