Author’s Tranquility Press supports Obert Hall as he recounts his family’s biography in Lost Legacy

Media and advertising solutions providers for writers, Author’s Tranquility Press, supports Obert Hall as he publishes ‘Lost Inheritance’, a 5-generation family biography that culminates in the creation of Zimbabwe

lost legacy is a play that will hook readers to the end, as Obert Holl, a native of Rhodesia who defied all odds including white domination in Zimbabwe to succeed, tells a tearful tale of triumph. The book caught the attention of key stakeholders in the publishing industry, including Author’s Tranquility Press, the agency helping to promote the masterpiece to as many readers as possible around the world. .

The story of colonialism and the domination of Africa by the British, Portuguese and other nations has been told in different forms. However, there is almost no narration that details the personal experience of the victims of the sad phenomenon and how they were able to stand in the midst of adversity. Therefore, Lost Inheritance by Obert Holl is an amazing read that shows the world the effects of the illegal act of the colonial masters.

lost legacy tells a story that spans 5 generations dating back to the mid-18th century, beginning with the founding of the Khumalo Kingdom of Matabeleland to the creation of the new state of Zimbabwe and the resulting economic collapse. It also highlights the hardships of the Holl family, who were engravers in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, and how generations struggled and endured under the heavy yoke of colonialism.

The book, which is currently available in Kindle and Paperback versions on several platforms including Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well as some bookstores, will make an excellent movie or TV series.

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