Award-winning author Ann W. Jarvie to host first in-store book signing event–Feb. 12 in Arizona

“I’m excited Arizona offers the opportunity for an in-store signing session, the first of my nationwide tour which began last fall in the Southeast, but for security reasons virtual, outdoor or private locations were required said Jarvie. “Despite the challenges, I’m delighted that my books have been so well received by readers and book clubs across the country.”

Hitchcock’s Woods is a thriller about a psychically gifted Chicago woman and victim of violence who returns Caroline from the south riding country to solve a puzzle involving murder, metaphysics and the secrets of his eccentric family. It is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook format.

In preprint journals, Hitchcock’s Woods has been described as “completely engrossing, difficult to pose, complex, intriguing, fascinating with metaphysical elements and a wild ride”. Meanwhile, 100% of online reviews written by readers of Hitchcock’s Woods have been 5 stars on Barnes & Noble and Amazon sites. This is the sequel to my first novel, soul retrievalalthough the two stories are completely independent,” said Jarvie, who will be signing both books at the Barnes & Noble in-store event.

Ann W. Jarvie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and twenty-five years of experience as a copywriter in advertising and public relations agencies, both in Chicago and Caroline from the south. Her first novel, soul retrieval, received four literary awards, the highest score possible by the judges of the Writer’s Digest E-book Awards and a myriad of positive reviews. For more information, please visit ANNWJARVIE.COM.

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