Books to bond this Mother’s Day

Is the mother figure in your life a great reader? If so, gifting a book or offering to read a book can be the perfect treat for Mother’s Day. Here are a few bridging books that explore the varied and powerful experiences of motherhood.

“Caramelo”, by Sandra Cisneros – While trying to tell the story of her grandmother’s life, Lala is told that she is exaggerating. What ensues is a whirlwind of multigenerational tales that try to tell the story well, but of course the “truth” is always a bit tricky when it comes to remembering years of family life, but that gives vivid and wonderful stories.

“Wild swans: three girls from China”, by Jung Chang – Mixture of biography and intimate memories, explores the female experience of life in Mao’s China. Chang’s grandmother was once a warlord’s concubine, and his own mother was once an idealistic young Communist. Chang’s parents experienced the Cultural Revolution as members of the Communist elite. Chang herself was briefly a Red Guard, doing odd jobs. Tracing the history of his family’s generation, a gripping and impactful story unfolds.

“Stuck in the Middle With You: A Memoir on Parenthood in Three Genders,” by Jennifer Finney Boylan – In this memoir which mixes thought-provoking and thought-provoking topics with a lot of humor, Boylan reflects on his experience of parenting both as a father for six years, as a mother for ten years, and sometimes feeling like neither neither, sometimes like both. .

“Blue Nights”, by Joan Didion – A memoir that reflects the terrible death of Didion’s adult daughter, Quintana, as well as the death of her husband. The non-linear narrative is interwoven with the author’s own thoughts on parenting, death, aging, and grief, making it an honest and personal description of some of the hardships that can arise with the loss of loved ones. and the search for his place in family life.

“The good girl: a memory of the hidden life of my mother”, by Jasmin Darznik – Darznik moved from Iran to the United States at the age of 3 and grew up with very little knowledge of his family history. While helping his mother move, Darznik came across a photo that had slipped out of a pile of old letters. In the photo, she saw her young mother wearing a bridal veil and standing next to a man Darznik had never seen before. Her discovery leads her mother to tell the story of a secret and abusive first marriage before her family begins a new life in the United States.

“The joys of motherhood”, by Buchi Emecheta – This story follows the life of Nnu Ego, a Nigerian woman whose life begins to change as colonial influences challenge traditional tribal gender roles. Because she was unable to conceive during her first marriage, she was banished to Lagos where she subsequently managed to get pregnant. Set during World War II, Nnu is forced to face incredible challenges after she and her children are abandoned by her husband.

“Bean trees”, by Barbara Kingsolver – Taylor Greer has two major goals in mind: to get out of Kentucky and do so without getting pregnant first. Despite her determination not to have children, her travels take her to Oklahoma near a Cherokee reservation where she suddenly becomes responsible for a three-year-old as another woman approaches Taylor and quickly leaves her. child without explanation. This story explores all the nuances and challenges of non-traditional family life as Taylor reflects on this new relationship in her life.

“Mom & Me & Mom”, by Maya Angelou – An account of the experience both triumphant and filled with struggle of being the daughter of her mother, filled with love, separation and reconciliation.

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