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BREEZY POINT – Many who visit the crystal clear waters of the Lake District leave inspired. Some, like Susan Scott of St. Anthony, feel inspired to write a book.

Author Susan Scott has published five books, with her recent book set at Breezy Point.

Contributed / Susan Scott

His book, titled “Hiding in Pelican Lake,” is inspired by Scott’s visits to his condo in Breezy Point. Scott describes the story as realistic fiction with a touch of romance.

“I really like the area up there,” Scott said. “I wanted to learn more about the area there and incorporate a bit of the fact that Breezy Point is the first resort with electricity in the area. This is a story that came to mind and I kind of set it up.”

Scott wanted the book ready for Breezy Point Resort’s 100th anniversary in 2021, but supply chain issues delayed shipments. The book was published in October with Sheridan Minnesota, formerly Bang Printing, and became available for the most part around Christmas.

As a teaser, Scott wrote, “Beatrice McLaughlin was stunned when she realized the ring she received from Charlie Lundeen on Valentine’s Day was no longer on her finger. When did she slipped and where did she go? Come explore the shores of Pelican Lake to find out what happens to that special gift. This sweet story set in Breezy Point and nearby Pequot Lakes is sure to put a smile on your face! “

“Hiding in Pelican Lake” is Scott’s fifth book. She also published “Pea Soup and Tomatoes”, a story about the 1965 tornado; “Lice Are Not Nice”, a children’s book on the prevention and treatment of head lice; “The Big Blue Chicken”, a companion story to The Little Red Hen; and “What Makes St. Anthony Village”, a book celebrating St. Anthony’s 75th anniversary.

These books can all be found at

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