Brian Laundrie “took books about serial killers to heart and turned into a murderer,” says Dog the Bounty Hunter

DOG the Bounty Hunter has a theory that Brian Laundrie “built himself up” as a murderer by reading books about “demonic” serial killers.

The TV star, real name Duane Chapman, told The Sun in an exclusive interview that he believed the “dark side” books Laundrie read as a child might have influenced him to become a “killer. “.


Dog said the laundry had ‘turned’ into a killerCredit: John Chapple – Commissioned by The Sun US digital edition

He said of the books, “That kid Brian obviously took these books to heart.

“And that’s what happens when your kid looks at that stuff, understands, and it’s demons, and it’s blood, and it’s this and it’s that, look what it led to. .

“He just didn’t become a killer overnight. A killer is made, and he’s built to be a killer.

“He built himself to be that by watching that kind of dark side stuff, let’s say, and I call it that, demonic. There are images of demons everywhere.”


He also reiterated his theory that Brian is a “serial killer.”

“I think more and more about the fact that maybe he is a serial killer, not just a Gabby killer.”

Vlogger Gabby, 22, had the adventure of a lifetime across the country with his 23-year-old laundry, but only he made it home.

After hiring a lawyer and refusing to speak, he then disappeared too – five days before Gabby’s remains were found in a shallow grave in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming.


He is now wanted by police with a manhunt launched in Florida where he was known to camp in the past.

Brian, who is wanted for questioning by authorities as a person of interest, has not yet been charged with any crime related to Gabby’s death.

In a previously posted Instagram post, Brian wrote that he and Gabby together read Chuck Palahnuik’s novel, “Lullaby,” as well as “Rant,” a novel in the form of an oral biography.

Lullaby, published in 2002, tells the story of journalist Carl Streator, who writes about death in the cradle when he notices a strange connection between the deaths of babies and that of his own wife and baby.


He then discovers that his wife and child have died after reading them a “slaughter song” from a book.

Unintentionally, he memorizes the rhyme and becomes a serial killer who kills people for minor inconvenience.

Rant, which was released in 2007, is told in the form of an oral biography and centers on a high school rebel, Rant Casey, and another character named Green Taylor Simms.

In its synopsis, the book is described as “a mind-boggling vision of the future, as only Chuck Palahniuk could imagine.”

Laundrie wrote on Instagram: “Craziest f ** king of all of Chuck’s books on my shelf, I can’t figure out how he must have written this one! Would love to preach all the crazy twists but all I do. can say that I will never forget the name of Rant Casey or Green Taylor Simms.

“My fiance and I read this one aloud together and my boy, I can’t believe some things are coming out of our mouths.”


On a Pinterest profile that appears to belong to Laundrie, the 23-year-old pinned several images depicting violence, death and references to movies and pop culture in a folder titled “watercolor.”

At least three of the images recorded in the 128 “pins” folder refer to HG Well’s science fiction novel The Invisible Man.

The book was loosely adapted into a feature film last year, telling the story of a mad scientist who fakes his suicide and goes invisible to hunt down and terrorize his ex-girlfriend.

The file also includes sketches of skulls, paintings of Joaquin Phoneix’s portrayal of the Joker, and images of Frankenstein.

One of the pins, which displays the fourth in the backrest, shows a shaded figure bending down to stab another who is lying on a bed of flowers.


Some of the artwork shared by Laundrie on his personal Instagram page, @bizarre_design_, also features dark themes, such as depictions of grim reaps, blood, or knives.

One of those messages, dated July 15, 2020, is titled “Grim Reaper Leading Sheep to Slaughterhouse” and shows a flock of sheep surrounded by ghoulish figures wielding scythes.

Some of the Reapers have been carved from mousetraps and outlined in red.

A second work, uploaded a week earlier, shows what appears to be a man wearing a wolf mask, sitting in a chair and holding a knife soaked in blood, with red splatters on his arms and legs.

Behind the subject’s head is a red circle, with three other figures wearing animal masks holding guns and a bat.

A third work, this time in black light form, shows a red skeleton with arms raised and mouth open, looking up as red splashes – resembling blood – surround it.

Laundromat is still nowhere to be found


Laundromat is still nowhere to be foundCredit: Social networks – Refer to source
Laundrie's art depicts knives, blood, and other disturbing imagery


Laundrie’s art depicts knives, blood, and other disturbing imageryCredit: Social networks – Refer to source
Laundrie posted a pin on Pinterest about the novel The Invisibe Man


Laundrie posted a pin on Pinterest about the novel The Invisibe ManCredit: Pinterest

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