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Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith, poet Lemn Sissay and singer-songwriter Alison Moyet are among the notable artistic figures to have been recognized on the Queen’s Birthday Honors list.

In a list dominated once again by the heroes and heroines of the coronavirus pandemic, and in particular the key players in Britain’s successful vaccine deployment, there was room to praise the achievements of people in the fields of arts, culture and sport of the country.

Leith entered the highest ranks of the Order of the British Empire by becoming a lady, alongside sculptor Phyllida Barlow and Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Philips. Actor Jonathan Pryce, who played Pope Francis in The Two Popes and the Great Sparrow in Game of Thrones, also received the highest honor, receiving a knight title after receiving a CBE in 2009.

A number of female singer-songwriters were also recognized in the 2021 Honors List, including Skin (real name Deborah Ann Dyer), the singer-songwriter known as the lead singer of rock band Skunk. Anansie, who received an OBE for services. to the music. Lulu, who received an OBE in 2000, is made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, for services to music, entertainment and charity, while Moyet, the singer of It Won’t Be Long and Invisible, receives an MBE for music services.

Also in the world of music, Arnold George Dorsey, better known as Engelbert Humperdinck, receives an MBE for services rendered to music, while John Heath Summers, CEO of the Hallé Orchestra, and cellist Julian Lloyd Webber receive an OBE.

In the literary world, best-selling historical fiction novelist Philippa Gregory, author of The Red Queen and The Other Boleyn Girl, receives a CBE alongside pioneering editor and writer Margaret Busby, writer and potter Edmund de Waal , who received the Order of the British Empire in 2011. Sissay receives an OBE alongside children’s and young adult writer David Almond.

In the sporting sphere, commentator Sue Barker is awarded a CBE for services rendered to sport, broadcasting and charity, alongside former Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson, who receives the same honor for services rendered to the soccer. The director of rugby at Leeds Rhinos, Kevin Sinfield, receives an OBE for rugby league service and motor neuron disease charity fundraiser.

As the debate continues over the England football team’s decision to continue kneeling to tackle racism in sport, Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling is awarded an MBE for service to the racial equality, while Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson gets the same honor for his service. for charities.

Other perhaps lesser-known figures of the arts were also celebrated, such as Catherine Elizabeth McGill, director of Folk Arts Oxford, who receives a British Empire Medal for service to the arts after transforming the Folk Weekend Oxford festival into a fully online event in four weeks when the lockdown was announced, and 23-year-old saxophonist Jess Gillam, who receives the same award for “bringing the music world to life with her exceptional talent and infectious personality.”

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Italy – how Roberto Mancini turned World Cup failures into Euro 2020 contenders https://zoobooksales.com/italy-how-roberto-mancini-turned-world-cup-failures-into-euro-2020-contenders/ https://zoobooksales.com/italy-how-roberto-mancini-turned-world-cup-failures-into-euro-2020-contenders/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 05:28:45 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/italy-how-roberto-mancini-turned-world-cup-failures-into-euro-2020-contenders/

Italy are undefeated at home under Roberto Mancini, with 11 wins and six draws in 17 games

After the dark days of Italy’s 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign, Roberto Mancini’s side face Turkey in the European Championship curtain-raiser on Friday as one of the favorites ahead of the tournament .

The Azzurri enter the competition in Rome following a 27-game unbeaten streak after making a remarkable turnaround under former Manchester City boss.

Tears, international retirements, resignations and widespread condemnation accompanied their failure reach a World Cup final for the first time in 60 years.

BBC Sport examines how a nation at its lowest level in football and a manager at a crossroads restored pride, forged a new identity and rediscovered a winning mix ahead of their first home tournament game since the 1990 World Cup.

“Italy needed Mancini and he needed Italy”

Italy’s leading sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport called the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign “an end” and Corriere dello Sport’s title compared it to “the Apocalypse”.

Italian dailies
Italian newspapers unanimously condemned Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup in 2018

But six months after former boss Gian Piero Ventura left and with the Azzurri still seemingly in limbo, Mancini stepped forward.

56 year old man came to the rescue After stints at Galatasaray and Zenit St. Petersburg, a disappointing return to Inter Milan has been booked.

“It looked like he was on a failed managerial tour and his time as a leader at the top of the game was over. But Italy needed Mancini and he needed Italy,” he said. ‘European writer James Horncastle.

It turned out to be a watershed moment and provided a wave of optimism.

“When he was appointed Italy’s national coach there was a lot of euphoria in the country he was taking over because he is very well respected in the game,” the former midfielder told BBC Sport. Italy and Chelsea, Roberto Di Matteo.

“He is a legend in Italy. I think there was never any doubt about his qualities as a manager or his training.”

His reign began with a quiet 2-1 victory over Saudi Arabia, followed by a five-game winless streak. But since then Italy has been virtually unstoppable, with Mancini’s 74% winning rate the highest of any Italian coach.

“It was about having a charismatic leader and someone that fans and players could admire for what he accomplished,” added Italian football writer Danielle Verri.

“He won league titles with City and Inter, he won Coppa Italia with Fiorentina and Lazio and has done well everywhere he has gone. He has good players but deserves credit for helping this team to develop and flourish.

“There has been a tremendous sense of positivity since he arrived. You can see it in the attitude of the players at training camps and those vibes are evident in the way they play.”

Break with tradition and bloody youth

Mancini’s commitment to deliver a “rebirth” began by abandoning the conservative counterattack style that helped the country win four World Cups.

“It was against tradition but after not qualifying for the World Cup he probably could have done anything because it was so low,” added Di Matteo.

“He was very well received by the fans. All his players are brave [on the ball] and playing for teams that play progressive football, so that was the right thing to do. ”

Giorgio Chiellini, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Nicolo Barella and Federico Chiesa (from left to right)
Gianluigi Donnarumma (second from left) is part of the new guard of players to become regulars under Mancini

Italy’s daring approach in a fluid 4-3-3 formation has seen them score 53 goals in their last 17 games, while conceding just three.

There was also a focus on youth, with six squad members reaching the semi-finals of the European Under-21 Championship in 2017 with former players like Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.

Mancini was also not afraid to overtake traditional Italian giants in his search for players, making his debut at then-21-year-old Nicolo Barella long before the midfielder moved from Cagliari to Inter.

Most recently, Sassuolo’s 21-year-old forward Giacomo Raspadori – who has been compared to Italian great Paolo Rossi – became the 35th debutant out of 67 players to feature during Mancini’s tenure.

While not universally popular, Italy even produced a special green “renaissance” kit in October 2019, designed to celebrate their many emerging talents.

“It just shows the strength in depth and quality of the new generation of U21 and Serie A players,” said Di Matteo.

Is Italy real contenders for the Euro?

Labeling Italy as one of the tournament’s many favorites seems justified after qualifying for the Euro with three games to go and winning all 10 games in the process.

Passing past the Netherlands, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina to reach the Nations League finals in October was also another milestone for Mancini’s advancing side.

And with European 2020 Golden Boot winner Ciro Immobile and several from an exciting offensive supporting cast in great shape, Di Matteo says there is “quiet confidence” that they could advance to a major first final. since Euro 2012.

“Barella has had an exceptional season and Juventus winger Federico Chiesa is a great talent,” added the former Chelsea manager.

“He can change a game on his own. It might come as a surprise because I’m not sure that many people know everything about him.

“Immobile has scored goals for fun over the last couple of years and obviously you have Lorenzo Insigne, Domenico Berardi and Andrea Belotti. There’s a lot of firepower.”

Ciro Immobile
Ciro Immobile has scored 123 goals in 177 Serie A appearances for Lazio and six in his last 11 appearances for Italy

Mancini also has the luxury of a world-class midfielder, with Champions League winner Jorginho and Paris St-Germain playmaker Marco Verratti able to dictate the game.

“There are few teams that can compete with Italy in this department,” added Verri.

“Barella has racing power and there are always people like Federico Bernardeschi, Manuel Locatelli and Bryan Cristante if they have to change.”

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UNPACKING THE BACKPACK – Is perfection the goal? https://zoobooksales.com/unpacking-the-backpack-is-perfection-the-goal/ https://zoobooksales.com/unpacking-the-backpack-is-perfection-the-goal/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 18:45:56 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/unpacking-the-backpack-is-perfection-the-goal/

Just do your best.

This is probably the most common advice parents, teachers and counselors give to children. No one is perfect, let’s remind them, and all we can ask for is that they do their best and do their best. But do we really mean it? And, nowadays, is their best enough?

This year’s AP English Language & Composition exam open-ended question asked high school students to consider the value of striving for perfection. As writer and teacher Carol Jago noted, this is a totally appropriate question for perfectionist and highly motivated Gen Z kids who take advanced placement courses, which are college-level courses taken at high school. As an English teacher and writer, I thought about how I might approach such an essay, as it looks quite interesting on the surface, but it might also be difficult to delve deeper into the subject. And what is the correct answer or the perfect answer?

I think I would start by addressing the connotation of the word “strive”. Certainly, we could argue that no one ever really seeks mediocrity, although even that is up for debate. We all need to consider what results we are willing to accept, as well as how much effort and at what cost we are willing to pursue levels of achievement. Years ago when I was in graduate school I remember a 300- or 400-level course that several of my cohort classmates took with more undergraduates. . We were shocked and a little upset to hear the subclasses say things like “I only need a ‘C’ in the class” or “I only take pass / fail because I have just need credit. This approach certainly compromised and diminished any sort of “effort” they were going to engage in.

And, of course, the literal definition and varying interpretations of “perfection” are also important to consider when answering the College Board’s question. We’ve all heard the advice to “never let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” and whatever the task, we have to come to terms with some degree of imperfection. Right? Obviously, I don’t want anything less than perfect from a doctor operating on me, although I also have to admit the issue of the nuance of it all. For students and their expectations for success, we must recognize that a high score of an “A” in class or a “5” on the AP exam does not necessarily mean 100% perfection in the exams. answers to questions. In fact, from a percentage angle, the difference between an “A” rating of 90% can be quite different from perfect or flawless. Even so-called “perfect scores” on the ACT or SAT actually allow for missed questions.

Robert Fulghum, the famous writer of quirky essays on “unusual thoughts on common things,” once told the story of a troubled man who went to his rabbi because he felt like his life was a failure. The rabbi told him to go to the library and read page 930 of the New York Times Almanac, where he would find peace of mind. What the man found there was a list of Hall of Fame slugger Ty Cobb’s lifetime batting average. It was 0.376. When the man returned to the rabbi in disbelief at the random anecdotes, the rabbi noted that the greatest hitter of all time only hit the ball three out of ten times.

In sport, we know that 100% is rarely, if ever, the bar for perfection. Coaches and advisers love to remind people that if you can hit the ball one in three times with sticks in the big leagues, you will likely be an All Star. In baseball, they even use the term to describe a masterful performance of a dominant pitcher in the sense that a “perfect play” is a play where no hits or walks are allowed by a single pitcher. But that doesn’t mean the opposing team hasn’t hit the ball at all. And is it more perfect for the pitcher to strike out every batter or throw fewer pitches but allow contact that is well aligned by his teammates for the outs? These are unanswered questions.

Perfection is then always elusive, although it remains a noble goal but ultimately inaccessible. So all anyone can really ask is that we do our best.

Michael P. Mazenko is a writer, educator and school administrator in Greenwood Village. He blogs at A Teacher’s View and can be found on Twitter @mmazenko. You can email him at mmazenko@gmail.com

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Nikola Jokic wins MVP: when was he drafted? In which round of the draft? https://zoobooksales.com/nikola-jokic-wins-mvp-when-was-he-drafted-in-which-round-of-the-draft/ https://zoobooksales.com/nikola-jokic-wins-mvp-when-was-he-drafted-in-which-round-of-the-draft/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 01:42:32 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/nikola-jokic-wins-mvp-when-was-he-drafted-in-which-round-of-the-draft/

Denver Nuggets center won NBA MVP this year, defeating 76ers Joel Embiid and Warriors point guard Stephen Curry confirmed Shams Charania. Jokic averaged 26.4 points, 8.3 assists and 10.8 rebounds in 72 games, shooting 56% from ground and 38% from depth. He also led the team in both offensive and defensive winning percentages.

When was he drafted?

Jokic was drafted in the second round with a 41st pick, an incredible play from Denver, who made a bet for the Serbian. The center had its incredible first season in 2018-19, which coincided with the Nuggets making the playoffs for the first time in quite some time. Jokic took up the pen and signed a new five-year, $ 148 million contract.

According to nba.com, Jokic “received 91 first-place votes and scored 971 total points from a global panel of 100 sports writers and broadcasters as well as the fan vote for the Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award, or 101 votes. Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid, 586 points, finished second, followed by Golden State Warriors goaltender Stephen Curry, 453 points, in third place, Milwaukee Bucks forward Antetokounmpo, 348 points, in fourth place, and Phoenix Suns goaltender Chris Paul, 139 points, in fifth place. “

5th international player to win the MVP title

Jokic becomes the 5th international player to receive the MVP award, behind Hakeem Olajuwon, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic. The Serbian had become famous long before he established himself as one of the best players in the world, but more because while the Nuggets were picking him, the TV draft was running a Taco Bell commercial.

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Jacksonville Girl Wins International Holocaust Art Competition https://zoobooksales.com/jacksonville-girl-wins-international-holocaust-art-competition/ https://zoobooksales.com/jacksonville-girl-wins-international-holocaust-art-competition/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 09:10:35 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/jacksonville-girl-wins-international-holocaust-art-competition/

A LaVilla School of the Arts An eighth-grader won the 2021 college’s ‘best show’ award in an international art competition for middle and high school students.

The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes’ six annual ArtEffect Project asks students to honor “unsung heroes” through art. The center was established in 2007 as part of a partnership between education philanthropist Lowell Milken and history professor Norman Conard, highlighting the power of each to create positive change.

Naomi Alcantara of LaVilla received $ 2,000 for its multimedia entry, “A Terezin Diary”, about Pavel Weiner, a Holocaust survivor who spent his childhood in the Terezin ghetto in the Czech Republic.

“Even as a teenager my age, he went through the hardships of life in Terezin and recorded a lot of historical information,” Naomi wrote in an essay that accompanied his entry. “Although he was young, he saw hope through his struggles and worked hard to live life the best he could with his family and friends.”

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Summer readings: New offers from local authors, from the poetic to the deep through the simple pleasure https://zoobooksales.com/summer-readings-new-offers-from-local-authors-from-the-poetic-to-the-deep-through-the-simple-pleasure/ https://zoobooksales.com/summer-readings-new-offers-from-local-authors-from-the-poetic-to-the-deep-through-the-simple-pleasure/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 15:49:23 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/summer-readings-new-offers-from-local-authors-from-the-poetic-to-the-deep-through-the-simple-pleasure/

Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton by Neal Hutcheson, with forwards Kirk French and David Joy

Raleigh documentary filmmaker Neal Hutcheson may have spent more time with the late Popcorn Sutton than anyone outside of the legendary moonshiner’s inner circle. This full portrait of Popcorn, a nationally famous Haywood County native, is imbued with Sutton’s presence via lengthy interviews, stunning photographs of the man and his “shine operations”, and poignant tributes from Hutcheson and others. Finally, this book expresses the depth of a character who has eclipsed his reputation as a designer and played a significant part in the creation of his own myths.

An Army That Sings: Zilphia Horton and the Highlander Folk School by Kim Ruehl

Asheville writer Kim Ruehl has done a great service to the history of American social justice movements in this first biography of Zilphia Horton. The wife of longtime Highlander Folk School principal Myles Horton Zilphia brought art, drama, music and heart to the East Tennessee institution that trained frontline activists of labor and civil rights for decades. While his untimely death in 1956 at the age of 44 cut Horton’s story short, Ruehl’s comprehensive and thoughtful book is a testament to his lasting influence.

The wind under the door by Thomas Calder

Serious and remarkable beginnings, The wind under the door takes place in Asheville, in a 30- to 40-year-old setting that will be familiar to many artists and cultural connoisseurs of the city. The characters struggle with failed marriages, uncertain new romances, and regrets that resist memory-erasing amounts of alcohol. There are pleasures amidst the pain, however, and Calder’s skillful use of independent music subtext, along with his pure storytelling skills, make him a most welcome addition to local lighting.

wood smoke by Wayne Caldwell

Originally from Asheville, best known for his 2007 novel Cataloochee, Wayne Caldwell presents his first verse book, delivered in the form of “found” missives from Posey Green, a fictional inhabitant of Pisgah Forest, a grizzled mountain man, stoic and not lacking in local spirit. – juxtaposed with the notes of an imaginary neighbor / observer. The 79 short poems weave a story of life immersed in the earth.

Miss Julia happily forever by Ann B. Ross

The parting is indeed a sweet heartbreak in this latest (and 25th!) Episode of Hendersonville author Ann B. Ross’ hit series, which finds Miss Julia applying her Southern style and humor to a series of ‘Marriage-Based Plots in Abbottsville Fiction. , a town with a striking resemblance to that of Ross. While the legions of Miss Julia fans will no doubt be sorry to see her go, Ross is giving her iconic character an enthusiastic sendoff.

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Tabletop RPG for fans of Machiavellian ploys https://zoobooksales.com/tabletop-rpg-for-fans-of-machiavellian-ploys/ https://zoobooksales.com/tabletop-rpg-for-fans-of-machiavellian-ploys/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 21:28:00 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/tabletop-rpg-for-fans-of-machiavellian-ploys/

Anyone who has ever wanted to poison a guest, hatch a plot to usurp the throne, or fund rebellions to destabilize rival nations (in an RPG campaign) has several excellent options. Tabletop RPG like The king is dead or Dune: Adventures in the Imperium will satisfy the inner Machiavelli of any playgroup. Unlike RPGs that focus on combat and exploration, such as Dungeons & Dragons, the settings of these RPGs – archaic and quasi-feudal lands full of scheming nobles – mesh well with the rules of the social game, creating a sandbox where players can go wild with Game of thrones-esque nonsense.

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Niccolò Machiavelli, the 15th-century Florentine historian, writer and diplomat whose last name is now synonymous with “ruthless and amoral political conspiracy”, has gained an unfair reputation over the years. Certainly his most famous political treatise, The prince, encouraged aristocratic rulers to conquer other nations, foster fear in their subjects, and behave like the player of a Paradox Interactive strategy game in general; that said, his other books (Speech on Livy being the most famous) express a love for freedom and the Republican systems of government that hold their leaders to account. Some historians believe that the ruthless policies recommended by Machiavelli The prince, although pragmatic in his tone, also served to criticize the corrupt and war-torn politics of early Renaissance Italy, showing the depths into which an absolute ruler must sink to reach the top of such system.

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Real-world “realpolitik” may well poison the soul, but the imaginary genre in a tabletop RPG allows players to be manipulative, treacherous, and cunning in a safe environment (and, perhaps, practice spotting. such schemers in the real world). Classic fantasy RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons may be perfectly compatible with political scenarios, but the feudal rules and settings of the game systems below are particularly suited to Machiavellian scenarios.

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

Machiavellian RPGs Dune Adventures In The Imperium

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, an upcoming RPG released by Modiphius Entertainment, immerses players in a game-ready version of the Dune universe originally created by science fiction author Frank Herbert. It’s an archaic future ruled by aristocratic nobles, Gap Guild Navigators, and the reclusive brotherhood Bene Gesserit, bound by the prescience-inducing spices harvested from the desert planet Arrakis. Built from the same 2d20 system that Modiphius used for his Star Trek Adventures RPG, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium allows players to take on the role of all manner of minions and assassins working for (or against) the Great Houses that rule the Star Imperium. Besides the classic RPG mechanics such as attributes, skills and abilities, the success or failure of players’ actions is also influenced by their “Drives” – the loyalties, hatreds, virtues and vices that drive one. character to leave his mark on the universe.

The king is dead

Machiavellian RPG The King is Dead

The king is dead is a narrative party RPG designed by Meguey and Vincent Baker that draws inspiration from the “Playbooks” and “Moves” rules of the previous Baker RPG World of the Apocalypse to tell stories about empty thrones and the controversial and often violent debate over who should fill them. The default setting of The king is dead (available on itch.io) is the medieval kingdom of Banteave, of which the king, Eyvard III, has passed away; the default players are the Banteave Warrior Princes and Princesses with a potential claim to the throne. By engaging in various mini-games using card-based solving mechanics, players can duel, wage war, hold food conversations, and have secret dates of a sinister or romantic nature. .

Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire Shadow of the New York Masquerade Julia

Yes, Vampire: The Masquerade (and his spiritual successor Vampire: The Requiem) is primarily an RPG about playing bloodsucking creatures of the night – sometimes wild, sometimes grotesque, often sexy vampires who try to maintain some semblance of humanity in the face of an eternal thirst for blood. Vampire: The Masquerade, however, is also a play on feudal political maneuvering. The dominant vampire faction, the Camarilla, retains the political structures inherited from the Middle Ages, creating fertile ground for Machiavellian plots where players conspire for or against a city’s vampire prince, engaging in games of blackmail, favors and secrets between various Vampire: The Masquerade Clans. Traditional vampire powers such as mind control, transfiguration into animals, or becoming incredibly charismatic are especially useful for such ruthless power brokerage games.

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By default, the Heist RPG board game Fiasco is designed to recreate the plot of the Coen brothers films as Burn after reading or Simple Blood; a bunch of modern day thugs come together to set up a ploy to prepare for life, only to then be sabotaged by their greed, stupidity, paranoia, or just plain bad luck. Special play sets for Fiasco, however, let players define their games in fantasy, futuristic, or historical settings. Bravazzo! by Pete Douglas and From ‘Medici by Guilia Barbano and Renato Ramonda are two play sets set in medieval or early Renaissance Italy, allowing players to engage in games of power and deception in the exact same setting that Machiavelli wrote its political treatises.

Exalted: 3rd edition

Exalted 3e Tabletop Games Like God Of War

Exalted 3rd Edition is a mythical fantasy RPG published by Onyx Path about portraying larger-than-life heroes – deadly paragons with the power of gods to change the world – straight out of national epics like the Illiade, Journey to the West, or the Mahabharata. Unlockable play abilities called “Charms” allow Exalted player characters perform impossible martial feats, such as cutting a mountain in half with a sword, battling giants, or forging swords capable of slaying gods. But there are also a large number of charms that enhance intellectual and social skills, allowing players to sing songs capable of making demons cry or overthrowing a government bureaucracy by using their supernatural talent to fill out papers. The setting of Exalted 3rd Edition – a vast and flat world of mortals, gods and elementals, suspended on a sea of ​​chaos – full of conflicting kingdoms, empires and republics with which players can mingle at their leisure, recreating inspired storylines of Game of Thrones, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and other nation-building epics past and present.

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90 Day Fiancé: How Poverty Affected Paul and Karine’s Relationship

About the Author

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In new book, Niskayuna brothers chronicle Schenectady’s efforts against deadly diseases https://zoobooksales.com/in-new-book-niskayuna-brothers-chronicle-schenectadys-efforts-against-deadly-diseases/ https://zoobooksales.com/in-new-book-niskayuna-brothers-chronicle-schenectadys-efforts-against-deadly-diseases/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 02:29:05 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/in-new-book-niskayuna-brothers-chronicle-schenectadys-efforts-against-deadly-diseases/

Dealing with ill health in the early 20th century was quite problematic, but the people of Schenectady, rich and poor alike, had a few advantages for them.

“The only thing I learned from working on this book is that leadership matters,” said Dr. James Strosberg, who, along with his brother Martin Strosberg, has published a new book, “Schenectady’s Battle Against Contagious Disease: From Smallpox to COVID- 19. “

“Schenectady and its leaders, politicians, professors and doctors, have always kept us out of so many other cities across the country when it comes to public health. We have done a great job taking care of our employees.

While the Strosbergs, both residents of Niskayuna, provide readers with a number of examples of prominent Schenectadians doing the right thing, perhaps the most influential person in the town’s medical history is Dr. Charles Duryee. . A Democrat first elected to a two-year term as mayor in 1898, Duryee again became the city’s chief executive in 1909 and served another two-year term before returning to medicine as his main profession. .

“He was a very smart guy, and it was Duryee who organized a big conference of state mayors in 1910 to discuss public health issues,” said Martin Strosberg. “He introduced a lot of innovations and became a real champion of public health. He stressed the need for a modern municipal health service.

Impressive references

The Strosbergs are well equipped to collaborate on a book on Schenectady’s medical history. James Strosberg, who wrote a book on the history of the Schenectady County Medical Society in 2011, practiced rheumatology at Sunnyview Hospital for 34 years and is the former chief of medicine at Ellis Hospital. He was also an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (Rheumatology) at Albany Medical College and is a member of the Medical Reserve Corp of Schenectady County Public Health Services. Originally from Troy, he graduated from Union College and the University of Buffalo School of Medicine.

Also a native of Troy and a graduate of Union College, Martin Strosberg is Professor Emeritus at Union College and Clarkson University, and is the former Director of Union College and of the MBA program at Union Graduate College. in health care management. With a master’s degree in public affairs and health administration from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate from Syracuse, Strosberg has published extensively in the area of ​​health care policy and management. .

According to James Strosberg, the idea of ​​working with his brother to produce another medical history of Schenectady belonged to Martin.

“I call him my smarter younger brother,” joked James Strosberg. “I had done a lot of research for my other book and wrote a few articles for the Schenectady County Historical Society, so I created a plan and he wrote much of the book based on that. He did most of the writing, I did the proofreading. He’s an academic and knows politics, and I know the medical field.

The book focuses on the 1918 pandemic and other earlier battles against cholera, as well as subsequent problems with polio. It even covers the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the book was written in September 2020, during the proofreading and editing process the brothers were able to include COVID information from as little as December 2020.

The book was dedicated to the memory of Walter Robb, a former engineer / administrator of General Electric who became the first resident of Schenectady County to die from COVID-19.

“He was the first casualty in the area and he was a really great guy, a pillar of the community,” Martin Strosberg said of Robb. “He was a very intelligent man, who worked for the Schenectady Free Clinic and sat on the board of trustees of Clarkson and Union College graduate colleges. I got to know him quite well.

According to James Strosberg, Robb was the perfect example of a prominent person from Schenectady with a civic approach to medical issues.

“We had scientists like Walt Robb who cared about people, and we can go all the way back to Eliphalet Nott at Union College in 1832 to help clean up the Erie Canal,” said James Strosberg. “And during the polio crisis, Schenectady had such a good reputation that the city was one of 80 sites across the country chosen by the March of Dimes to work with vaccines. During all this time, we have had great leaders. Woodrow Wilson made no public statement about a pandemic that killed 650,000 Americans, but at Schenectady we had leaders like Duryee who really made a difference. And even today, Schenectady County had the highest vaccination rate in the state. We have had and have leaders of whom we can be proud.

“Schenectady’s Battle Against Contagious Diseases” is available at the Schenectady County Historical Society, the Open Door Bookstore, and online through Troy Bookmakers. All profits from the book go to the historical society.

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Long Players edited by Tom Gatti review – a richly textured musical investigation | Music books https://zoobooksales.com/long-players-edited-by-tom-gatti-review-a-richly-textured-musical-investigation-music-books/ https://zoobooksales.com/long-players-edited-by-tom-gatti-review-a-richly-textured-musical-investigation-music-books/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/long-players-edited-by-tom-gatti-review-a-richly-textured-musical-investigation-music-books/

The public dissemination of musical tastes does not always bring out the best of human nature. It’s hard to overestimate the possibility of being snobbish, competitive, critical, boastful (humble or otherwise) and a long list of other little vices. This is partly why politicians, for example, are so worried about calibrating their Disks of the Deserted Island selections. And also why exercise is often so fun.

The ground rules set by Tom Gatti in this anthology of 50 writers on 49 albums (Ali Smith, slightly exciting, refused to stick to the rules), asks writers not for a better album, but a “darling” who is, or was, important to them. As Ian Rankin, adapting Jean Brodie, explains about his love for John Martyn Solid air: “Give me an album at a certain age and it’s mine for life.”

There is a sufficiently decent sample size that the reader can engage in a rough calculation of numbers. The oldest albums are from 1956 – Duke Ellington at the Newport Jazz Festival, chosen by the late Clive James, and Mozart by Clara Haskil Piano Concerto, chosen by Neel Mukherjee – most recent is Daisy Johnson’s choice for Lizzo’s 2019 Because I love you. Between them, the bulk of the albums are either from the 1970s or the 90s. Depending on how you categorize these things, there are three jazz albums, two classics and two folk. But most of the picks fit into a loosely defined traditional tradition of modern pop, with Joni Mitchell and David Bowie the only artists to have been nominated twice.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out, perhaps, that writers tend to value literary effects and skills and draw literary comparisons. Deborah Levy, who chose Ziggy stardust, calls Bowie a “great writer” who influenced her “more than Tolstoy ever will”. Sarah Hall compares Radiohead OK Computer to “a great collection of short stories” and Musa Okwonga loves Outkast’s Aquemini because he loves “Kurt Vonnegut’s collected short stories – every time I go back to both works, I find a new way of looking at the human condition.” In less festive fashion, Daljit Nagra connects Morrissey – “reluctantly” via the Smiths Meat is murder and the ’80s thugs who smashed the windows of his parents’ stores and painted the shutters with racist slurs – to Philip Larkin. “Like Larkin, I would like Morrissey to leave the limelight, so that I can enjoy the best work before he breaks the storefront of his own great tenderness.”

Entries may be only a few hundred words long – some of them started as a column in The New Statesman where Gatti is associate editor – but contain very disparate autobiographical vignettes. In the mid-1980s, teenager David Mitchell, who “had never been in love, let alone fell in love with it,” first heard Joni Mitchell’s “raw autobiography” of Californian grief, Blue, on his Walkman while wandering around his hometown of Malvern. Her encounter with the big, dark Christmas breakup song “River” came on a June day “halfway across the golf course.” Around the same time, Will Self was in a cavernous apartment off Cromwell Road, West London, “with a needle stuck in my arm, the barrel of the syringe full of blood.” Astral weeks “Scratched the cords of his heart.” Poet Will Harris remembers how his father made him “attend the eight-minute album version of Donna Summer’s” I Feel Love “” which, very indirectly, led him to Warren G. Regulate … G Funk Era.

Björk… Marlon James turned to his album Post for answers. Photography: REX / Fotex

For all star-on-star formats, there are relatively few encounters between writer and musician. Esi Edugyan, who chose Maxinquaye by Tricky, had an awkward interview with the artist in Vancouver, and Clive James once “traded smiles” with Ellington after a gig. Most poignant is Rankin’s near absence of “the whiskey-soaked angel” Martyn. Solid air had been Rankin’s companion in school and college, marriage and children, even through punk. Years later, having become famous himself, he had lunch before continuing Disks of the Deserted Island where he had to declare “the only song I can’t live without is”Solid air‘”. And there was Martyn,” with a few mates at a bottle-strewn table nearby. And I can’t go talk to her. My one and only chance and I miss it.

Some albums are aids in self-realization. As a young girl in New York City, now adopted Briton Erica Wagner knew only English folk of Steeleye Span All around my hat “Runs in my blood”. And some are self-help resources, like with Marlon James, 25 and strapped for “Answers to Life’s Big Questions” capital. by Björk To post didn’t respond directly, “Instead, he gave answers to some shit I didn’t even ask for.” Funniest play features 12-year-old Joe Dunthorne discovering Black sunday by Cypress Hill and his production that made “even the most upright listener – the prepubescent boy playing Warhammer – feel high”. The award for It’s So Not Cool It’s Cool goes to George Saunders for the transcendent sincerity of his response to Brittle by Yes.

Taken as a whole, the collection’s many observations and angles constitute an instant, richly textured artist’s inquiry into art. And at their best, the plays reveal something useful about the writer, the music, the world in general, and the world at that time. For Linda Grant, Joni Mitchell’s Hegira clearly exposed “the great paradox of feminism of the 1970s”, the desire for independence from men and also for “lasting love”. It also crystallizes the strange and powerful relationship between listener and artist: “I have never seen it perform live. I do not want. I have no interest in sharing her with complete strangers because none of it is about her, it’s me.

Tom Gatti’s Long Players is published by Bloomsbury (£ 12.99). To support the Guardian, order your copy at guardbookshop.com. Delivery charges may apply.

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Latvian national accused of writing malware used by Trickbot hackers https://zoobooksales.com/latvian-national-accused-of-writing-malware-used-by-trickbot-hackers/ https://zoobooksales.com/latvian-national-accused-of-writing-malware-used-by-trickbot-hackers/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 21:25:52 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/latvian-national-accused-of-writing-malware-used-by-trickbot-hackers/

Written by Sean Lyngaas

U.S. prosecutors have charged a 55-year-old Latvian national with developing computer code used in tandem with the infamous malware known as TrickBot, which defrauded countless people while infecting tens of millions of people. computers around the world.

The defendant, known as Alla Witte, was arraigned in federal court in Cleveland on Friday after being arrested in Miami in February, the Justice Department said. She is accused of being part of a criminal organization that operated in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Suriname, and which infected computers in hospitals, schools, public services and government agencies in the United States. United.

Witte wrote “the code related to the control, deployment and payments of ransomware” the justice ministry said in a press release. She also allegedly provided computer code to other members of the criminal group who tracked users of the TrickBot malware. The malicious code was designed to steal bank login credentials, credit card numbers, and other sensitive personal data that can be used for fraud.

Witte is charged with 19 counts, including conspiracy to commit computer fraud and aggravated identity theft.

TrickBot has been one of the main hacking tools for crooks in recent years.

Cybercriminals used the malware to assemble a vast botnet, or army of compromised computers, to infect computers with ransomware. Concerned about the threat of ransomware ahead of the 2020 election, the US Cyber ​​Command and tech companies sought to take some of TrickBot’s infrastructure offline, but the botnet survived.

In a statement released Friday, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco hailed Witte’s indictment as an example of the “wide reach” of a new Justice Department task force to fight ransomware. After disruptions to major fuel and meat suppliers, ransomware has become one of the main national security concerns facing the Biden administration.

A lawyer for Witte could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday. She faces decades in prison if convicted on all counts.

You can read Witte’s full indictment online.

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