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Can Rilke Change Your Life?

But Kappus’ loneliness was not the typical anxiety of teenagers; it had brought him to the brink of self-annihilation. In moments of despair, he writes to Rilke: “All my steps make me feel like I’m walking in quicksand, I feel like I’m suffocating every moment. I am so alone that …

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Young writers become published authors in Lewiston

LEWISTON, Maine (WMTW) – Students at Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston are now published authors. Children in the school’s author studies program wrote a 290-page manuscript that was published in a book that arrived at school on Monday. Along with author Gary Savage, the students reworked his book Fletcher McKenzie …

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Students urged to beware of summer job scams

The Victoria Day long weekend is usually a marker for students to start looking for employment. Many hope to find a job as soon as possible in order to maximize their income during the three months of summer vacation. However, with job scams being some of the riskiest in Canada …

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