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Brunswick County is invaded in “Azalea Bluff,” a new thriller from Holden Beach resident Dennis Hetzel. This time, however, it’s not about Little Green Men, or Little Gray Men, either.

Early in our story, something crashed or landed on the Brinkley High School campus near Azalea Bluff, a fictional town that looks like Shallotte.

Soon the authorities blocked traffic for miles. The Department of Homeland Security has declared a D819-B, a super version of martial law. Phones and radios don’t work.

Olivia Claven, founder and editor of a Brunswick County news website, tries to slip back to see what’s going on. She sees something: is it a giant acorn or does it have the shape of a bell?

And then she disappears.

Much of the rest of the book follows the frantic efforts of the Brunswick County Sheriff, a private investigator with Fox Mulder leanings, Olivia’s father, and others to find out where she went.