The value of the visual novel as literature

Humans have been telling stories ever since we invented language and art, but the history of storytelling has reached new heights over the past 40 years thanks to a complex and wonderful technological invention: video games. Video games combine art, music, performance, science and, perhaps most important of all, writing. …

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Stephen Johnston publishes his first novel “VR Nana”

Hunterdon County author Stephen Johnston offers a new adventure in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, starring a fierce, colorful, and somewhat unexpected hero. “VR Nana – Volume 1” is the first book in a series of light novels. The book begins the story of Anna Ruth “Nana” Joyce, an assertive …

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Tour of Horrors Graphic Novel

| Emily Ryan Lerner writes Alter Bridge: Tour Of Horrors Graphic Novel Alter Bridge are the latest rock band to sign a deal with Z2 Comics – the kind of thing that Heavy metal magazine was so good for – for a high-end graphic novel adaptation. The book in question, …

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