I want to write a novel

I have always liked books. I love the idea of ​​reading. I love the adventure of reading. I remember when I was in first grade we had to do readings in the classroom “ library ” it was a bookshelf, and after the second term if your reading skills got …

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Local author Scott Michael Gale introduces readers to the town of Peculiar in his first novel – Stittsville Central

(Under the pseudonym Scott Michael Gale, this Stittsville author is publishing his first novel – The Specialist: The Paranormal Adventures of Lydia Walker.) Scott Michael Gale, Stittsville resident (his pseudonym, under which he writes to preserve anonymity and confidentiality) recently published his first novel. Having released in April, The Specialist: …

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Gower author publishes science fiction novel | Life

“The Lermen War: Humanity’s First Contact”, a new book by James Taylor, has been published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. In 2100, humanity begins to explore the vast expanses of the galaxy. At 9:45 p.m., they have their first contact with the Lermens. After years of tension, in 2252, war …

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