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One Charlotte Valley student’s love of reading has earned her school 2,000 copies of books that will be donated to her classmates.

Jazime Whitehead, a sixth-grade student at Charlotte Valley Central School, read an advanced copy of JK Rowling’s book “The Christmas Pig” for a contest with Scholastic Books and placed in the Northeast’s top 20, said teacher Alanna Fiore.

Fiore said Stella Castillo, who works at Scholastic Books, emailed a college honor society group she belongs to about the contest and thought Whitehead would be the perfect person to enter the contest. .

“She’s a huge Harry Potter fan,” Fiore said. Fiore said she also thought the book could be a Harry Potter sequel or prequel, so she recommended Whitehead, but “it’s not about wizards. It’s a fantastic holiday book.

“She seemed to like it. She’s a real reader. She reads between classes and on the bus. She suggests books to other kids,” Fiore said.

After Whitehead read the book, she joined a Zoom interview for a chance to be in a video about the book, Fiore said.

She wasn’t chosen for the video because the company wanted students from diverse geographic backgrounds. However, Whitehead’s placement in the top 20 ensured the school would receive 1,000 books to distribute to students in grades five through eight, Fiore said.

The local library was supposed to get the other 1,000 books, but there is no public library in the CVCS district, so the school got those books as well. Whitehead received a copy of each of the 50 book titles donated to the school. The college’s English language arts and social studies programs also received copies of each of the 50 books.

“The books are part of the Four Pillars of Diversity collection,” Fiore said. “There are a lot of social studies books. There are biographies, autobiographies and historical fiction.”

Each fifth- and sixth-grade student was able to select two books from the 2,000 books donated last week, Fiore said, and seventh- and eighth-grade students will be able to select two books each in the future.

“We are so proud of Jazzy and her love of reading,” Fiore said in an email.

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