Describing ‘social justice’, 49 people sign ‘Jewish Harper letter’

An open letter signed by some 50 prominent American Jews warns of the rise of “social justice ideology,” which is described as a “pernicious” force that is “antithetical to Judaism” and threatens to suffocate free debate and democratic values ​​in the United States. States.

The group that organized the letter and many of its signatories say they were inspired by Harper’s letter from last year, which made a similar argument about censoring unpopular views in the public sphere.

Among the signatories of the so-called “Jewish Harper Letter” are prominent conservative writers Bret Stephens, Bari Weiss and Seth Mandel, leading scholars and authors such as Stephen Pinker and Daniel Gordis, as well as prominent rabbis like David Wolpe of the Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.

They were brought together by a new initiative called the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values.

The letter calls on Jews to take action against the “suppression of dissent” that would dominate the United States.

“Jewish tradition cherishes debate, respects disagreements, and values ​​questions as well as answers,” the letter says. “We, members of the Jewish community, add our voices to the growing chorus supporting our liberal principles, opposing the imposition of ideology, encouraging open discussions on difficult topics and pledging to achieve a more just America. .

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