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A notable author once said: “There is no friend as faithful as a book. Reading is like a journey through time; the more you read, the more you will know. We cannot minimize the culture of reading and the authors who write and organize the content we digest.

Award-winning Amazon bestselling author Esther Enewerome Odafe is one such author promoting the culture of reading, and also helping professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals realize their dreams of becoming published authors. The famous writer has worked with local and international clients to create top quality books that reflect their personal or professional brands with 0% plagiarism.

Her passion for equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for decent work and economic development, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 8), has led her to create a Facebook community of passionate and talented individuals who wish to leverage benefit from their skills and develop their business.

Esther was shortlisted for the 2018 African Writer’s Award – Flash fiction category; 2020 SME100 Nigeria 25Under25 Awards – Creative Writing & Content Creation Category; and his book won the Bookney Book of the Year Award 2021.

She is also the founder of The Midas Touch Literary Services and co-founder of Bookney. His works have been published in local and international magazines, blogs and television programs, including Writers Space Africa magazine, Freelancers magazine and the Patabah book blog. She shares her inspiring journey with Esther Ijewere in this exclusive and insightful interview.

Childhood influence
Growing up, my parents bought me story books to read, and I believe that was their way of helping me cultivate a reading habit. The great thing about reading is that it sharpens your mind and makes you want to bring your imagination to life through writing. Today, as a nigger, writing a brilliant book involves a lot of research, which has to do with intensive reading. So, yes, my childhood prepared me for what I do.

The inspiration behind Bookney and Hobby To Career Africa
Precious Osikha and I founded Bookney in 2020. In 2019, we noticed that many authors were complaining about intellectual property theft, people selling their books, and making money. This is what inspired us to create a unique and safe platform for reading and publishing books with better incentives for authors and readers. I created the Facebook group, From Hobby to Career Africa, out of a passion to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills appropriate for decent work and economic development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 8). My goal is to help passionate and talented people who want to leverage their skills and grow their business.

The journey so far
It has been an interesting journey so far, but not without challenges. However, perseverance and the big picture of my dreams kept me going.

Being an author, ghost writer, editor and managing all the hats I wear
For me, it all comes down to knowing what jobs to take and how to organize my schedule. Whenever I feel motivated to work, I do all the “heavy lifting” jobs and reserve the most fun when I’m lethargic and need a boost of energy.

Ripple effect of training 100 novice writers
It is definitely one of the most rewarding things I have done. Receiving testimonials and seeing milestones from alumni about how they’ve put the training to good use, whether it’s working for companies or running their business, makes me happy. Also, helping clients who never thought they could become authors write their books and become bestsellers is rewarding.

The challenges of my job
The major challenge for me would be to meet several deadlines at about the same time. As someone who wears multiple hats, jobs arrive at different times with varying deadlines. Sometimes they are so close and it becomes difficult to meet those deadlines.

Three women who inspire me and why
My mom is my number one inspiration, because of her resilience. The next person would be Esther Ijewere for her relentlessness in helping people despite the outcome. Last but not least, I would tell myself, because of my determination to make my dreams come true.

Nuggets on How to Become a Successful Ghost Writer and Editor
The first thing I would recommend is the knowledge of love. Whichever way you want to learn new things is up to you, although I recommend reading broad as your best shot. Also, develop the habit of being meticulous if you are not, as you need this trait to do a great job. Finally, learn how to market your services and close sales, because without sales you are simply not in business.

To be a woman of rubies
I am a woman of rubies, because I am precious, strong and generous. Every business I’ve started, every book I’ve written, has been designed.

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