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On this Tuesday, June 14, edition of Cadran Solaire:

The Coconut Grove Theater

The story of the majestic old building of the Coconut Grove Playhouse began in 1927 as a movie theater and then about 30 years later opened as a live theater.

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Since the late 1950s, it has hosted performances such as Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys” and “Fame,” the musical.

It has been closed since 2006. Since then, the building has been at the center of a legal fight between the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County.

The city has just lowered its efforts in this fight. This means the county’s plans have been given the green light.

County Commissioner Raquel Regalado joined Sundial to talk about the future of the Playhouse, located in her district.

The Coconut Grove Theater

40 years of Books&Books

If you can believe it – Books & Books in Miami is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

It’s a great place for author events, and Sundial even hosted a discussion there for the Sundial Book Club. with author Craig Pittman.

It’s become one of those places in South Florida where the community really comes together. Creatives can go write in the courtyard – or people go there to see live bands or eat at the cafe on a first date.

So how did founder Mitchell Kaplan create a place like this, which has lasted so long in a city with a reputation for change? He joined Sundial on Tuesday to share his thoughts on four decades.

“The very first Books & Books opened in 1982… Over the past 40 years, watching Miami go through its growing pains and then become more mature and make some of the same mistakes… It’s been so fascinating and so interesting,” he said. . “Miami wasn’t really seen as a very serious reading city…the sophistication of the Miami community was still there. We just didn’t have very good public relations.”

Kaplan said a special moment for him was the return of one of his former high school students as an author:

“One of my students came into 10th grade with a fully formed novel. Her name was Tananarive Due. And Tananarive, after leaving high school and college, continued to write for the Miami Herald. But then she had this incredible career in books, so I was able to showcase it a couple of times at the bookstore. It was really rewarding.”


Miami’s father of the bride

Miami is the setting for a new movie starring Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan.

It’s Father of the Bride, a remake of two other films – 1991’s Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton and the 1950 original starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor.

This new version comes with a Latin touch. The main family is Cuban. The groom’s family is Mexican.

But the story is almost the same. A young woman comes home from college and surprises her family with her engagement. Now the father must come to terms with the reality that his daughter has grown up and is moving on.

The film’s director, Gary “Gaz” Alazraki, joined Sundial to talk about the stories behind the making of this film. It will start streaming on HBO Max June 16.

Miami’s father of the bride


Escanaba Public Library welcomes author David Hardin | News, Sports, Jobs https://zoobooksales.com/escanaba-public-library-welcomes-author-david-hardin-news-sports-jobs/ Tue, 14 Jun 2022 14:52:12 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/escanaba-public-library-welcomes-author-david-hardin-news-sports-jobs/

ESCANABA – The Escanaba Public Library will host an author conference with notable Michigan 2022 author David Hardin and his book, Standpipe-Delivering Water in Flint, on Thursday, June 16 at 4:30 p.m.

Her book is a memoir of the author’s work as a Red Cross volunteer delivering emergency water to residents of Flint, Michigan. Her book dramatizes the struggles of a city in crisis against the author’s personal journey as her mother declines into dementia and eventual death. It is an intimate look at her engagement with civic and family trauma.

David Hardin is also the author of Dreaming Bob Wills, a collection of poetry. Her work has appeared in literary journals in print and online, including Dunes Review, Michigan Quarterly Review online, The Madison Review, Carolina Quarterly, and others. A retired teacher, he works as a freelance writer for small independent publishers.

The event does not require registration and is free to the public.

Thanks to the Friends of the Escanaba Public Library for their support of this program. Thanks also to the Library of Michigan and Michigan Humanities, an affiliate of the National

Endowment for the Humanities for making this program available to the community.

For more information about this program or other programs at the library, visit the library website at www.escanabalibrary.org or contact us at 906-789-7323, epl@escanabalibrary .org.

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Israeli novelist AB Yehoshua has died https://zoobooksales.com/israeli-novelist-ab-yehoshua-has-died/ Tue, 14 Jun 2022 06:10:00 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/israeli-novelist-ab-yehoshua-has-died/ Yehoshua – writer, activist and playwright – has been described as the “Israeli Faulkner”

Acclaimed Israeli novelist Abraham B. (AB) Yehoshua was pronounced dead on Tuesday at the age of 85, after years of battling cancer.

Yehoshua was considered one of Israel’s most important and influential writers, described by The New York Times under the name “Israeli Faulkner”, in reference to the famous American writer William Faulkner.

The novelist, activist, playwright and essayist was born in 1936 in Jerusalem to a family from Salonika, Greece. He attended Rehavia Gymnasium and served in the Israeli army as a paratrooper, before applying to study literature at Hebrew University.

As soon as his military service ended, Yehoshua began publishing fiction. His first short story book, “Mot Hazaken” (The Death of the Old Man), was published in 1962. He became a prominent figure in the “new wave” generation of Israeli writers, who differed from their predecessors in focusing more closely to the individual.

In 1977, he published his first novel “The Lover”, then published many successful books, including “Mr. Money”, “The Return from India”, “The Mission of the Human Resources Commissioner”, etc.

In 1995, the writer won the Israeli Prize for Literature.

In addition to his artistic activity, Yehoshua was one of the prominent voices of the Israeli left camp. He was a member of the public council of B’Tselem and during some election campaigns he was included in the Meretz party’s list for the Israeli parliament.

Towards the end of the Second Lebanon War, he attended a press conference in which he called on the Israeli government to agree to a ceasefire and not to expand the fighting.

Yehoshua is survived by his daughter and two sons.

How to get engraving books https://zoobooksales.com/how-to-get-engraving-books/ Sun, 12 Jun 2022 22:00:00 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/how-to-get-engraving-books/

With all the new classes that have been added to lost ark Through the April/May updates and all the content coming in June and July, players are back to farming Engraving Books and Skill Point Potions to prepare as much as possible for over 1415 pieces of content.

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First of all, how are combat and class engravings even obtained in Smilegate’s MMORPG lost ark? Well, let’s look at all the ways they are acquired, as well as the best methods.


How to get them

The main method of getting Engraving Books is from rewards for quests (also a great method of farming money). These can be story quests, side quests, roster quests, or even world quests, and players probably received a lot of them when they upgraded their first character from 1 to 50. And , just as there are two types of Engravings (Combat and Class), there are also two types of bags/chests that contain these Engraving Books.

One type allows the player to choose the exact combat/class engraving they want, while the other is completely random when used. Keep an eye on the description of these bags/chests, as they will always state whether the player “chooses” or receives “the engraving books”, indicating whether it is random or not.

But getting back on topic, quests aren’t the only way to get these engraving books. Printmaking books can also be obtained from a variety of other sources, such as these (listed from best to worst):

  1. Buy from the game market
  2. Island Side Quests
  3. Event shops
  4. Chaos Dungeon Shard Exchange
  5. Cube Dungeons
  6. Island Merchants
  7. Chaos Dungeon clears
  8. Secret Dungeons Found On Chaos Gate Maps
  9. Abyssal Dungeon Completion Rewards
  10. Guardian Raid Rewards
  11. Clearing some Shadespire/Fatespire floors

But by far the most reliable and convenient methods are to farm certain quests across multiple characters or simply buy them from the market.

Should they be grown?

There is a bit of an argument to be had when it comes to farming both combat and class engravings on multiple characters using the knowledge transfer system. The main concern is that knowledge transfer is limited in lost arkand can only be used nine times in total, so players may not want to randomly use their knowledge transfers for farming until all known classes are equal.

That said, it depends on the current state of the market in Lost Ark. This farming method, although mostly in East Luterra and not very time consuming, is still not worth it if the blue and green engraving books are selling really cheap. But, if they’re currently overpriced (and still selling out), it’s definitely worth it and even a decent way to farm some extra gold. Fortunately, the lost ark has made mining Burning Books as easy as possible, even creating a handy spreadsheet that covers the best quests to look for when mining them, where they are located, and how many books they reward.

What about epic and legendary engravings?

Almost all of these methods are mostly geared towards uncommon (green) and rare (blue) burning books, since epic (purple) and legendary (orange) books don’t really have a reliable farming method. That makes sense, because they wouldn’t really feel “rare” or “special” if they were easy to get.

That said, most fans agree they received the highest burn books by clearing secret dungeons accessed via Chaos Gate Maps, with Abyssal Dungeon Rewards and Cube Dungeon Rewards taking a close and shared second place. .

lost ark is now available on PC.

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Launch of Rockland Public Library’s Summer Reading Program with Author Chris Van Dusen https://zoobooksales.com/launch-of-rockland-public-librarys-summer-reading-program-with-author-chris-van-dusen/ Sun, 12 Jun 2022 14:09:42 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/launch-of-rockland-public-librarys-summer-reading-program-with-author-chris-van-dusen/

ROCKLAND — The Rockland Public Library will welcome local author Chris Van Dusen to the library on Monday, June 27 at 2 p.m. The theme for this year’s summer reading is an ocean of possibilities. Chris Van Dusen will help kick off the summer with a read-aloud of his story To the Sea with Mr. Magee and some of his other books. This will be followed by a drawing lesson on how to create her dog character, Dee.

“Feel free to bring one of his books for him to sign,” RPL said in a statement. “Come play, listen and learn with us!”

Rockland Youth Summer Reading Program

For 0-18 year olds


1. Pick up your reading book and library registrations from June 18th.
2. Read what you like!
3. Keep track of your reading in your journal
4. Visit the library weekly. Starting June 27, show a librarian your reading log and tell them about the best book or chapters you read that week to win a prize. (If you visit all six weeks, you’ll get six different prizes.)
5. Pass your Reading Journal by Saturday August 6th to win a book to add to your personal collection and a chance to win one of our 12 new Knox Lodge 189 Masons bikes.

For more events, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rockland-Public-Library-60836427783

Or contact the Rockland Public Library: (207) 594-0310, refdesk@rocklandmaine.gov, 80 Union St, Rockland, ME 04841

Book fans flock to Burnham-On-Sea author Damien Boyd’s novel signing event https://zoobooksales.com/book-fans-flock-to-burnham-on-sea-author-damien-boyds-novel-signing-event/ Sat, 11 Jun 2022 23:17:16 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/book-fans-flock-to-burnham-on-sea-author-damien-boyds-novel-signing-event/

Fans of Burnham-On-Sea author Damien Boyd’s novels gathered for a book signing in the town center on Saturday June 11 at the launch of his latest publication.

A long line of customers waited outside the GW Hurley bookshop on Burnham’s high street to buy copies of the new novel.

Damien then said: “A big thank you to Monika and the Hurleys team for organizing the event and to the people of Burnham for their continued support!”

In Carnival Blues, the new book in the hit DI Nick Dixon Crime series, the Somerset carnival season takes center stage.

Damien adds: “I hope I have managed to capture something of the unique atmosphere of carnival, both for those who are lucky enough to experience it and for those who have not yet had the pleasure.

The popular crime thriller series follows the exploits of Nick Dixon, now Chief Inspector of Police for Avon & Somerset, based at Express Park Police Centre, Bridgwater.

He says, “Crack aficionados will notice that I have taken several liberties with current practice and procedure. Needless to say, I did this in hopes of creating an entertaining mystery, but I’m reliably informed that squibbing is now so tightly regulated that the events depicted in Carnival Blues simply wouldn’t be possible these days. . Health and safety is paramount and rightly so. »

“In fact, I’m so confident that I’ve accepted the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival Squibbing Officer’s kind invitation to try it myself. I can’t wait!”

Damien adds: “Chief Inspector Nick Dixon arrives late for the Bridgwater Winter Carnival. He came to see the squibbing, the traditional fireworks display that dramatically closes the city’s November festivities. But when Avalon Carnival Club president Richard Webb’s firecracker is ignited, it explodes, engulfing him in flames.

“Dixon knows he just witnessed a killer make a very public statement. And he can’t help but think that’s just the beginning.

“With his suspicions confirmed at Burnham-on-Sea carnival forty-eight hours later, the race is on to find the killer before the next event in a nearby town.”

“Can Dixon stop the killings before more lives are lost?” And can he do it with the police professional standards investigators blowing down his neck? »

Carnival Blues will officially be released on Tuesday the 14the June and will be available in ebook, paperback and audio formats.

Damien’s series starring DI Nick Dixon has sold over three million copies worldwide and has been translated into several different languages. Damien produces stories based on his own experience of twenty-five years in the legal profession, including a stint with the Crown Prosecution Service.

Her debut novel, As the Crow Flies, was published in April 2013 and became an international Kindle #1 bestseller. The sequels, Head in the Sand, followed by Kickback, Swansong, Dead Level and Death Sentence all received critical acclaim, with Head or Tails earning #1 Kindle bestseller status in the UK and Australia.

Click here to order a copy of the new book through Amazon

“The Bedwetter” by Sarah Silverman as a Musical https://zoobooksales.com/the-bedwetter-by-sarah-silverman-as-a-musical/ Sat, 11 Jun 2022 22:44:17 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/the-bedwetter-by-sarah-silverman-as-a-musical/

Photo: Hudson Valley Theater Photographer

You may think I’m just an average girl
Well here’s something nobody knows
Although I can’t sing like Aretha
I have a cool urethra
Who can soak a mattress faster than a garden hose?

The (ish) autobiography of Sarah Silverman Bedwetting deals with a difficult period in the life of young Sarah. The musical itself is also gritty – dramatizing a 10-year-old’s emotional breakdown in song poses challenges for the stage. Silverman has been candid about her problems with childhood incontinence and depression: according to her memoir, also called Bedwetting, she had nocturnal accidents until her mid-teens and was put on Xanax while still in elementary school. She started funny – she just didn’t start happy.

Serial humiliation can destroy a person, but as a child, Silverman survived by hammering her shame into armor. Like many comedians, she deploys an uneasiness; as a stand-up and writer, Silverman has become a connoisseur of grimacing and confession. There was an awkwardness even though she hadn’t dared yet, so she and co-writer Josh Harmon and composer-lyricist Adam Schlesinger decided to turn her memoir into something totally embarrassing… a musical.

Or they started. The delicately toned project, which requires balancing Silverman’s sparkling profanity and nighttime desperation, doesn’t seem quite finished, even though it’s premiering at the Atlantic Theater. There’s a dark and terrible reason for that: Schlesinger – the beloved songwriter behind the musical crybaby, TV show Crazy ex-girlfriend and his band Fountains of Wayne – died of COVID at the start of the pandemic. The show hasn’t replaced him, instead working with composer David Yazbek as a consultant, and the resulting musical has a hiccuping quality that may be the result of that interrupted collaboration.

In 1980s New Hampshire, 10-year-old Sarah (Zoe Glick) tries to stay positive. His parents recently divorced: mom Beth Ann (Caissie Levy) is bedridden due to depression, and dad Donald (Darren Goldstein) sounds upbeat and cheerful as he sings in cheeseball TV commercials for his discount clothing store. He keeps himself busy at work knocking off moms who come shopping (“Looking at the numbers, the results I’ve seen are / Twelve percent of customers like my penis”), and Sarah adoringly repeats each bombshell f and dirty joke she hears him make. She’s alone in her new school under the wisecracks: her sister, Laura (Emily Zimmerman), finds her little sister’s craziness annoying, and their girlfriend (Bebe Neuwirth) tries to help her, but her alcoholism adds to the feeling of a fractured foundation.

Sarah impresses her new fifth-grade classmates with her fart-focused humor, but the other girls end up rejecting her when the bedwetting, uh, leaks. Shocked in a depressive episode, little Sarah has the same breakthrough as the real Sarah – an ex-Miss New Hampshire (Ashley Blanchet) goes on the Johnny Carson (Rick Crom) Show and tells America she was herself enuresis. For adults and child actors alike, the tongue is blue, the humor is rude. But that’s all actually part of Silverman’s message – if you can find farting funny, it’s not that far off from finding your own body funny, your own weaknesses funny, even the terrible condition of life on earth…funny.

So it’s a problem that Anne Kauffman’s production doesn’t develop a whole lot of extra fun. Laura Jellinek’s dark set consists of large swinging walls with occasional additions: a solitary shelf with a globe on it (to place us in school) or a hospital bed (you get it). This colorless interchangeability goes against the show’s certainty that Sarah’s home life is unusual. During the musical, Sarah visits a friend, goes to her mother’s house, invites her friends to her father’s house, and the three interiors are identical. A CM2 student is shocked by Donald Silverman’s living room: “It’s even more divorced than I imagined,” she marvels. It’s a nice line – but what does she see? Why doesn’t the show make a visual joke here? In general, there are too few. Kaye Voyce’s costumes are witty (I’d forgotten how prevalent Laura Ingalls’ puffy shoulder was in the 80s), and Lucy Mackinnon’s splashes add some interesting mayhem, but the overall impression is one of a design at war with itself, too many of its elements quarreling or perhaps sulking.

This muted quality extends to the actors’ bodies. Even in these wide open spaces, Kauffman’s cast doesn’t move much. Mom is stuck in her bed, Nana rarely moves from her chair. The golden-voiced characters of Levy and Neuwirth are so underutilized that the imbalance snowballs in meaning — beware, the musical says, even the most talented women in the world (and the most famous women of this issue) can be discarded.

Other adults provide the key pleasures of Bedwetting. Goldstein is wonderful as Donald, especially when he tries to turn his jeans into Elvis slits (he never does), and Blanchet is indispensable as Miss New Hampshire, slipping with her reassurances the empty eyes you overcome bedwetting but depression is still. (Smile and wave, smile and wave.) Crom is great as Carson and as various doctors, all of whom succumb to their own terrible pressures. These grown-ups are the mainstays of the show, but a ton still rests on little Zoe Glick’s dangling shoulders, and she’s taking it well — her depressive second-half turn is performed beautifully.

But the show needs more of the real Sarah Silverman — her voice, her looseness, her slang, laid-back, genial energy on a podcast. Of course, that airy sense of improvisation only comes after lots of workshops, radical stuff to rip until it works. She and Kauffman and Harmon and, maybe, a new songwriter should come back, hammer and pliers. So will they? Bedwetting in its current clumsy state has charm; Bebe Neuwirth drawls “There is no God”; he’s worn out ; It’s good. But I will embarrass myself and say hopefully they keep refining because Bedwetting is important enough to correct until it is perfect. The show is honest about what happens to us when we’re 10 (“Ugh, I was so young and naive when I was 9,” Sarah sings) like few other works are. It introduces complex real-world problems that aren’t solved by the final curtain, but it still offers a viable game plan for survival. It rips off some irritating properties – it pisses them off, actually. So I hope there is an additional shape and form for Bedwetting, a stranger, wilder, more biting than this. It must be difficult to continue to grow, because the grief of the loss of Schlesinger must now be part of their process. But one day – the show sworn this is right they can joke about it.

Bedwetting is at the Atlantic Theater Company until July 3.

Historical books, documents in danger as Marcos family returns to power https://zoobooksales.com/historical-books-documents-in-danger-as-marcos-family-returns-to-power/ Sat, 11 Jun 2022 06:41:40 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/historical-books-documents-in-danger-as-marcos-family-returns-to-power/

As the late dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Sr., infamous for his massive corruption and human rights abuses, regains control of the Philippines, historians, scholars, book publishers and authors have vowed to “protect the truth”.

When 31 million Filipinos elected Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as president in the May elections, they also voted for the powerful and influential Marcos family’s narrative surrounding the brutal and corrupt regime of Marcos senior.

Marcos and his wife, Imelda, whose name has become synonymous with extravagance, plunged the country into debt and deep misery while their family and cronies amassed billions of dollars in wealth.

The Marcos regime also saw the murder, arrest, torture and disappearance of thousands of victims, according to records of human rights organizations. But these facts matter little to supporters of the Marcos family.

Critics say the election victory for Marcos Jr., who is officially due to take office on June 30, is partly attributed to his family’s decades-long distortion efforts. Now that the family is back in power, they fear they will use their overwhelming mandate to erase historical truths about the period of martial law under Elder Marcos.

Martial law books sold out quickly in the weeks after Marcos Jr. was elected president, fearing they would be banned or purged. Some titles, including the popular “The Marital Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos” by Primitivo Mijares, have been sold.

Journalist Raissa Robles, author of the 2016 book that examined events during martial law from the perspective of victims and military officials, worries that the government is already “red-flagging” or putting blacklisting books critical of the Marcos.

“It is possible that there is a purge. Will my book be banned? It’s possible,” Robles told VOA in an interview.

“In fact, Marcos supporters have already tried to ban my book. They claim online that my book is banned, that there was a court order made in 2016 banning my book. I wouldn’t be surprised,” she added.

Robles released his book titled “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again” in 2016 and has since sold thousands of copies. Interest in his book increased after the election of Marcos Jr. and his publisher is planning a sixth edition of the book.

Robles said she delivered copies of her book to the offices of vice presidential candidates in 2016, including Marcos Jr. In a chance encounter with him during the campaign trail later that year, she asked him if he had received and read his book.

“Oh, yes, thank you very much. But you know, I couldn’t read it because I was very busy,” Marcos told her.

Labeled in red

During March’s stormy presidential campaign, independent bookstores with a rare selection of Filipino historical books were spray-painted red. The finger of blame was pointed at the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), a heavily funded government agency created by President Rodrigo Duterte in 2018 to respond to a communist rebellion.

The door to the People’s Bookstore, known as the Intellectuals’ Bookstore, was spray-painted with “NPA Terrorista,” a common phrase designating an individual or organization as a communist and terrorist.

“With previous incidents [in mind]after red-tagging violence follows,” Geraldine Po, managing director of Popular Bookstore, told VOA when asked what her reaction was when she saw the vandalism.

“It is important to know and preserve the truth because from history we have to learn our lessons,” Po said. “They say we should move on because Bongbong is now president. If we do that, we will only be going backwards instead of forwards. »

In May, the head of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency tagged children’s book publisher Adarna House about books about the martial law era that were said to “subtly radicalize” children against the government.

preserve the truth

Michael Pante, a history professor at Ateneo de Manila University, believes the books will not be physically burned or banned, but he warned of a climate of fear that will prevent Filipinos from seeking the truth.

“I’m not thinking of actual book burning, or forcibly removing books from library shelves, but rather creating this atmosphere of fear – fearing for your life that just holding a copy of certain books would deserve your conviction,” Pante told VOA.

“It’s a more insidious form of quote book burning,” he added.

Last month, about 1,700 historians and scholars issued a manifesto calling for the defense of historical truth and academic freedom amid fears of increased historical distortion and misinformation now that the Marcos are back in power. .

Marcos Jr.’s choice of Education Secretary, incoming Vice President Sara Duterte, has also raised fears that the whitewashed version of the story will be legitimized in schools.

In 2020, Marcos Jr. called for the revision of history textbooks, saying they teach children “lies”. But historians like Pante believe history education has been inadequate since the country adopted the K-12 curriculum.

“We won’t revise anything, all we will do is also publicize, publicize what we know, our side of the story, which we may have missed telling just because we were afraid of the media. traditional, of all the insult, the diatribe, the insult”, declared the senator Imee Marcos, sister of the new president, in a televised interview.

A group of young people are working full-time to digitize documents and materials, including thousands of newspaper pages chronicling the abuses of the Marcos.

Ahead of another Marcos presidency, Pante stressed the need for historians and scholars like him to think of creative ways to seek out the truth and preserve it.

“We need to break out of this academic stereotype and engage with popular media, speak using the language of the ordinary Filipino so that we can bridge this gap, this very big gap that we see these days,” he said. .

Maine Author Event to Support Chesterville Community Library – Daily Bulldog https://zoobooksales.com/maine-author-event-to-support-chesterville-community-library-daily-bulldog/ Fri, 10 Jun 2022 12:57:25 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/maine-author-event-to-support-chesterville-community-library-daily-bulldog/
Future Chesterville Community Library is hosting an author event this weekend with proceeds benefiting the effort.

CHESTERVILLE – An event this weekend will help support the Chesterville Community Library; “Meet the Author” will bring together more than 25 Maine authors at the Chesterville Municipal Office from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 11. Authors will sell and sign books, meet their fans and answer questions. The authors represent a wide variety of literature, including poetry, non-fiction, mystery, romance, biography and more.

There will be a silent auction featuring books from authors who attended as well as many others who were unable to attend and a 50/50 as well as baked goods, beverages and items from lunch for sale. OCCL will also have tote bags for sale and information available on upcoming events.

A bake sale contest will also be held at the event, each entry must be at least a dozen items and be dropped off at the Town of Chesterville office from 2-6 p.m. Friday June 10th. More than one entry is accepted. A photo of the item will be displayed at the event and votes will be counted at the end of the day and a prize will be awarded.

All or part of the proceeds will go to OCCL and its project to start a bookmobile that will serve the Chesterville area and with the ultimate goal of buying land and building a library with space for community events and a computer lab. The OCCL will use the proceeds to reimburse out-of-town library subscriptions, which they have been doing since 2016, and support other community literacy projects and events.

“It’s wonderful the number of authors who attend the event. I invited a large group of them from www.find.maineauthors.org thinking I would get 8-10 since we are such a small group from a rural area. Then the RSVPs started coming in and I was overwhelmed by the positive response, many of those who couldn’t make it this year donated books and in some cases entire sets for the auction . I would really like the community to come out and support these authors. They all donate their time and come at their own expense from all over the state. If the event is well received, I would like to see it grow and make it an annual event,” said Erin Dyar, President of the OCCL.

Presenting authors include:

Claire Ackroyd
Katherine Hagopian Berry
Gerard Blanco
Phillip Carlsen
Sarah Carlson
Laurie Apgar Chandler
John R. Cobb
Katie Coppens
Terry Farish
Cheryl Grant Gillespie
Mimi Gough
Deborah Gould
Joan Julien
Alley Russia
John Lemieux
Len Mattano
Claire Millikin
Heather Morrison Tapley
Michael Norton
Lincoln Paine
Sean Poage
Bruce Prat
Maggie Robinson
Jeri Theriault
Evan Thomas
Richard Foerster
Robert Carr

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Miles Franklin Prize Removes Novel From Long List After Author Apologizes For Plagiarism | Books https://zoobooksales.com/miles-franklin-prize-removes-novel-from-long-list-after-author-apologizes-for-plagiarism-books/ Fri, 10 Jun 2022 06:47:00 +0000 https://zoobooksales.com/miles-franklin-prize-removes-novel-from-long-list-after-author-apologizes-for-plagiarism-books/

Australia’s most prestigious literary prize, the Miles Franklin Literary Prize, has removed John Hughes’ The Dogs from its 2022 long list, a day after Hughes apologized for plagiarizing parts of a work by a Nobel Prize winner “without realizing it” in his acclaimed novel.

Following a Guardian Australia investigation that found 58 similarities and instances of identical text between parts of Hughes’ 2021 novel The Dogs and the 2017 English translation of Svetlana Alexievich’s non-fiction The Unwomanly Face of War, Hughes apologized to Alexievich and his translators Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. “for using their words without recognition”.

In a statement to Guardian Australia on Friday, a spokesperson for Perpetual, Literary Prize Trustee Miles Franklin, said: ‘After being made aware of the circumstances surrounding the shortlisted novel The Dogs, Perpetual, as Trustee of the Prize literary Miles Franklin, consulted with the jury and the publisher and it was agreed that the novel be removed from the long list.

“The shortlisted finalists will be revealed on June 23, 2022 and the winner announced on July 20, 2022.”

Hughes’ publisher, Terri-ann White of Upswell Publishing, confirmed that she had requested that The Dogs be removed from competition for the $60,000 prize.

“There has already been strong discussion and conjecture about the context offered by the author and publisher,” White said in a statement. “As our joint response indicated, we did not justify anything: it was a clear appropriation of the words of others (those women whom Svetlana Alexievitch listened to, alongside her words). It wasn’t deliberate; it was human error.

“It is a salutary reminder to imaginative writers who do not use the formal tools of scholarship that ‘false memory’ – the self-attribution of another’s handwriting after becoming familiar with its locution – is a serious consideration before submitting for publication. If John Hughes had intended to plagiarize so successful a book as the magnificent The Unwomanly Face of War, he would have changed the words of these short descriptive passages. This painful incident did not not diminish my respect for John Hughes as a writer.

The Dogs was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Prize in May and has previously been shortlisted for the 2022 Victorian Premier’s and 2022 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards for Fiction.

First awarded in 1957, the Miles Franklin Literary Prize is awarded annually to a novel of the highest literary quality. It is a condition of the 2022 award guidelines that “all nominations must consist entirely of the author’s original work”.

Alexievich’s book The Unwomanly Face of War was first published in Russian in 1985. It brings together interviews conducted by Alexievich with over 200 women who fought for the Soviet Union in World War II.

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In 2015, the Belarusian journalist received the Nobel Prize for Literature for her “historic polyphonic writings, a monument of suffering and courage in our time”.

When first approached by Guardian Australia about the similarities between his novel and Alexievich’s book, Hughes said he made “many recordings and transcriptions” with his Ukrainian grandparents, who recounted many instances similar to those contained in The Unwomanly Face of War.

Hughes said he read it when it was released in English in 2017 and used it to teach voice acting to creative writing students, acknowledging Alexievich as the source.

“I typed up the passages I wanted to use and haven’t gone back to the book itself since,” he said. “At some point, shortly after, I had to add them to the transcripts I had made of interviews with my grandparents and over the years and… [had] come to regard them as mine.