FX Recruits New Talent To Lead And Director In Upcoming Kindred Adaptation By Octavia Butler

There are many adaptations in the works based on the novels of the legendary Octavia Butler. Among those ongoing projects is an adaptation of Butler’s independent novel Kinship. FX has recovered the rights to Kinship earlier this year. At that time it was reported that Watchmen producer Branden Jacobs-Jenkins was writing the screenplay for the adaptation. Now a director and lead actress have been hired for the Kinship adaptation on FX. Let’s see who will be working on the show and where we might have seen them before.

A time travel story that explores the experience of black people across generations

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Kinship is technically a science fiction story written by Octavia Butler in 1970. The novel centers on a young black woman – Dana – who has continued to time travel spontaneously and uncontrollably since the “modern” era of the 1970s. Except that she continues to end up in Maryland of the plantation era of the 1800s, where she is enslaved.

To add insult to some very real injuries, much of Dana’s purpose in the past has apparently been to protect a young white boy. This boy ends up becoming a man who will impact Dana’s legacy and lineage.

Janicza Bravo will lead the Kinship Adaptation for FX

Kindred FX Director Photo by Robert Ascroft via IMDB

FX has found its director for the Kinship adaptation in Janicza Bravo. She recently directed the film Zola, but the majority of his credits are in television directing. Bravo has directed episodes of blockbuster shows like Atlanta, Processing, and Dear Whites. The director has spoken openly about the impact that Kinship had about his own life, and the importance of portraying black stories.

“I first read Kindred 20 years ago,” says Bravo. “I was in college and had never seen myself in a world like this. And certainly not at its center. What may appear to be just a portrait of an invisible woman is also a powerful embrace of our relationship to history and how it can bring us closer to our future. After what felt like wasting over a year of the life I had come to know so well, the opportunity to make an adaptation of this specific text was a victory. On top of that, becoming a Branden partner has been something I have wanted for quite some time.

Featured in the Kinship adaptation for FX is newcomer Mallori Johnson. Recently graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School, this will be Johnson’s first acting role on screen. At Juilliard, Johnson appeared in a long list of plays, including For the colored girls who thought about suicide, and had lead roles in plays like Romeo and Juliet, and In the blood. We can’t wait to see Johnson bring the onscreen character of Dana to life in the FX adaptation of Kinship.

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