Horror icons Elvira and Vincent Price team up to stop the apocalypse

Two horror icons come together in the Dynamite Elvira Meets Vincent Price series, brought together by writer David Avallone and artist Juan Samu.

Two of horror’s biggest names reunite to stop the apocalypse in new comic from Dynamite Entertainment Elvira meets Vincent Price. Elvira is considered one of the most famous horror movie animators of all time, if not the most famous. Vincent Price is well known for his roles in horror films, such as House on the haunted hill, despite his acting skills appearing in other genres such as film noir and playing the role of Egghead on Adam West Batman 60s TV show. This will be the first time the two have met in the comics.

Vincent Price and Elvira’s public figures have appeared in comics individually before, although Elvira has appeared in more than twice as many as Vincent Price. Most recently, Dynamite had the Horror Host star in their own comic book series. Elvira mistress of darkness. His longest-running comic book series, which spanned 166 issues, was published by Claypool Comics also under the name Elvira mistress of darkness. She also appeared in the DC Comics series Mysterious House of Elvira, a spin-off of their Mystery house series. Most of the Vincent Price-related comics have been published by Bluewater Productions under the name Vincent Price presents.

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Elvira meets Vincent Price # 1 Cover A

There will be four covers for the first issue of Elvira meets Vincent Price, all of which are pictured above. Featured artists include Dave Acosta (Elvira Mistress of the Dark, DRAGON) on main cover A, interior artist Samu on cover B, pin-up cover C by John Royle (Spectacular Spider-Man Adventure, GI Joe: a true American hero), and a photo of Elvira herself as Cover E. Avallone shared her excitement in Dynamite’s press release, saying: Writing Vincent Price is a gift. On and off screen, he’s an indelible character and it’s delicious to write with his ‘voice’, just like writing with Elvira. He’s charming, elegant and hilarious… and like in real life, a perfect movie for Elvira. I recommend fans Googling their talk show appearances together. ”

It will definitely be a gift to see the most famous horror film actor and greatest horror animator of all time team up with comic book fashion. This team certainly makes more sense than when Price took a look at Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang, but will this crossover be as fun as this? Find out when the first issue of Elvira meets Vincent Price arrives in comic book stores on August 4, 2021.

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Source: Dynamite Entertainment

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