How to get engraving books

With all the new classes that have been added to lost ark Through the April/May updates and all the content coming in June and July, players are back to farming Engraving Books and Skill Point Potions to prepare as much as possible for over 1415 pieces of content.

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First of all, how are combat and class engravings even obtained in Smilegate’s MMORPG lost ark? Well, let’s look at all the ways they are acquired, as well as the best methods.


How to get them

The main method of getting Engraving Books is from rewards for quests (also a great method of farming money). These can be story quests, side quests, roster quests, or even world quests, and players probably received a lot of them when they upgraded their first character from 1 to 50. And , just as there are two types of Engravings (Combat and Class), there are also two types of bags/chests that contain these Engraving Books.

One type allows the player to choose the exact combat/class engraving they want, while the other is completely random when used. Keep an eye on the description of these bags/chests, as they will always state whether the player “chooses” or receives “the engraving books”, indicating whether it is random or not.

But getting back on topic, quests aren’t the only way to get these engraving books. Printmaking books can also be obtained from a variety of other sources, such as these (listed from best to worst):

  1. Buy from the game market
  2. Island Side Quests
  3. Event shops
  4. Chaos Dungeon Shard Exchange
  5. Cube Dungeons
  6. Island Merchants
  7. Chaos Dungeon clears
  8. Secret Dungeons Found On Chaos Gate Maps
  9. Abyssal Dungeon Completion Rewards
  10. Guardian Raid Rewards
  11. Clearing some Shadespire/Fatespire floors

But by far the most reliable and convenient methods are to farm certain quests across multiple characters or simply buy them from the market.

Should they be grown?

There is a bit of an argument to be had when it comes to farming both combat and class engravings on multiple characters using the knowledge transfer system. The main concern is that knowledge transfer is limited in lost arkand can only be used nine times in total, so players may not want to randomly use their knowledge transfers for farming until all known classes are equal.

That said, it depends on the current state of the market in Lost Ark. This farming method, although mostly in East Luterra and not very time consuming, is still not worth it if the blue and green engraving books are selling really cheap. But, if they’re currently overpriced (and still selling out), it’s definitely worth it and even a decent way to farm some extra gold. Fortunately, the lost ark has made mining Burning Books as easy as possible, even creating a handy spreadsheet that covers the best quests to look for when mining them, where they are located, and how many books they reward.

What about epic and legendary engravings?

Almost all of these methods are mostly geared towards uncommon (green) and rare (blue) burning books, since epic (purple) and legendary (orange) books don’t really have a reliable farming method. That makes sense, because they wouldn’t really feel “rare” or “special” if they were easy to get.

That said, most fans agree they received the highest burn books by clearing secret dungeons accessed via Chaos Gate Maps, with Abyssal Dungeon Rewards and Cube Dungeon Rewards taking a close and shared second place. .

lost ark is now available on PC.

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