Humanities researcher and author Clay Jenkinson promotes book on the future of the Bakkens and North Dakota

WILLISTON, ND – North Dakota humanities researcher and host of The Thomas Jefferson Hour Clay Jenkinson visited Williston on Friday to promote his new book, which he says raises big questions about Dakota’s future North.

Jenkinson says he hopes the book, The Language of Cottonwoods, initiates a statewide discussion about North Dakotas, their values, and where the state is heading. He believes the state is at a crossroads as family farms, the backbone of North Dakota, slowly transform into more industrialized agriculture. He fears that this change could accelerate emigration from the state and damage rural areas.

“It will have a corrosive effect on the life of the small towns because these small towns exist to support the farms and when there are no more people living on the farms, these towns will empty themselves even more than they are. have been, ”Jenkinson said.

Jenkinson argues that the state should develop a new “homestead law” that would make North Dakota a safe place for young farmers.

Jenkinson says the takeaway from the book is that the state is currently on an unsustainable path, so he’s calling on the public to “reinvent themselves.” He says Williston’s diversity thanks to the oil boom makes him a role model for bringing change and new ideas.

“The North Dakotas are a little uncomfortable with this. I think we need to be more generous in this regard because we will not be able to support the North Dakota project from our own DNA. We need new ideas, we need new perspectives, we need to be challenged, we need to be open to all of this, ”he says.

The book also provides thoughts on the pros and cons of the oil boom and recommendations on how to handle another boom better than last time.

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