Kinzinger on McCarthy: “I don’t think the history books will be nice to him”

He added of McCarthy: “And he bears the responsibility. I don’t think the history books will be nice to him. ”

Kinzinger is one of two Republicans on the House committee investigating the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill. He was responding to McConnell’s statement last week about this panel: “We’re all going to watch it. It was a horrible event, and I think what they are looking to know is something the audience needs to know. “McConnell has come under attack in recent months by Trump for the way he interacted with the Biden administration and other Democrats on the Hill.

“He’s obviously very close to his cards,” Kinzinger said of McConnell. “I think that was a very powerful statement and I appreciate it.”

Kinzinger told host Jonathan Karl that it was possible that some of his current colleagues in Congress could be subpoenaed in connection with this investigation – and has not ruled out the same for Trump.

“Because January 6 was a very bad day,” he said, “everything before that is the rot of democracy or the rot of autonomy that we must correct in order not to have another January 6. absolutely anyone – no one, congressman, past president, no one in America is above the law. “

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