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A LaPorte County native wrote a trio of fantasy western novels.

Hanna native Daniel J. Gyure wrote the books “Landlords”, “February Faces”, and “The Savages of Swansong”.

“The series follows Latham Cole, a Western wizard from a bygone land, on his quest to kill the Man of Many Names,” Gyure said. “In ‘Landlords’, Latham Cole fights to stay one step ahead of the Weyrd, a calamitous entity that is slowly devouring the worlds he left behind. His travels take him to the small mountain town of Achilles Roost, a sad borough with a landlord problem – both the former bird-god who waged war on the citizens below and the new mayor who has taken to calling himself a god. “

The series continues with “February Faces”.

“The Weyrd is finally catching up with Latham. He can’t decide exactly where to put his boots because he’s transporting him between multiple worlds all the time,” Gyure said. “But there is something more sinister at work as a monstrous parasite begins to spread between the different realms. A disease that may have no cure.”

Gyure spent nine years writing the trilogy. It ends with “The Savages of Swansong”.

“Latham’s endless search has finally come to an end. He has reached Swansong City, a haven for refugees and Forsaken seeking sanctuary in the Weyrd – and the realm of The Man of Many Names,” he said. “But the tyrant is smart and cunning, and soon the whole town is on Latham’s heels. Latham will have to face an endless parade of bounty hunters, maniacs and desperate men before he can come face to face with the man he swore to kill.”

Gyure started writing at the age of 14. He lived in a small town in LaPorte County until he was 19, when he moved to Los Angeles to study writing in college. He now lives in Indianapolis.

“I’ve been creating stories since I was a kid, first with action figures and then performing epic dramas in my backyard and the fields surrounding Hanna,” he said. “I decided to start writing them, and have since.”

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