Lehi teenager fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming a published author

LEHI, Utah – A teenage Lehi will soon have her name published in bookstores.

Sarah Humpherys, 17, signed a nationwide publishing deal when her fantasy novel, “Stone Cold,” was published in New York City.

As a senior at Lehi High School, she is roughly half the age of the average author receiving her first publication.

Humpherys said his earliest memories include a desire to write.

“As a toddler, before I could even spell, I would tell my mother my story concepts and ask her to write down my ideas. I would then draw the corresponding images, ”she said.

The teenager said she had always enjoyed reading.

“In elementary school and middle school, I looked at a new book every day,” Humpherys said. “I would go home and read it, then come back and get another book. Librarians are my friends; they know me by name.

At age 15, Humpherys began writing his now published fantasy novel, titled “Stone Cold”.

She worked with Angie Fenimore, writing coach and New York Times bestselling author.

Humpherys used pandemic quarantine to edit her manuscript, which she presented to a New York publisher.

“He responded immediately! I was told to wait six weeks for a response from an editor, ”said the 17-year-old. “Once I heard him say yes, I thanked him and then threw the phone on the bed. My best friend Kayla and I just screamed at the top of our lungs. “

She laughed and added, “I looked at the phone and thought, ‘Oh, I didn’t hang up.’ So maybe he heard us scream.

Humpherys signed its professional publishing contract in December.

“It’s a very difficult business to undertake. A lot of people never get published and always get rejected so it feels like a dream come true, ”she said.

Humpherys described his novel as a 300-page fantasy experience set in medieval times, with a touch of romance.

She said the script appealed to young people as young as 10 years old and adults as well.

“Stone Cold” is currently available on Ebooks.

It will be sold in stores after the release date in mid-January.

Recent figures from the Authors Guild Foundation indicate that less than 22% of aspiring writers are published nationwide.

Humpherys said his family were there every step of the way to support him.

“My father is such a lifesaver. He helped me see my inner potential. He even took writing lessons with me as a form of encouragement, ”she said.

The Utah County teenager shared tips for aspiring writers, saying they should look for mentors to meet and a young writers academy to join.

“It’s been a lifetime in the making. There were times when this achievement seemed so unrealistic – but I’m here now! Humpherys cried.

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