Letters to the Editor – June 2, 2021

The superintendent did wrong

You are building new facilities for your business, so you think it’s a good idea to fire your construction manager. You have to feed thousands of people every day, so it seems like a good idea to fire your Food and Nutrition Supervisor. You may need to provide emergency medical care for these thousands of people you care for, so obviously we need to fire the health services supervisor.

And the list continues. Nine areas that require leadership and currently have that leadership are told they are not needed. Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Carlee Simon may have an overwhelming plan to revamp the school district so that these current jobs become redundant, but no one knows.

School administrations are still very heavy. Redundancy over redundancy is the business plan for school systems across the country. Because administrators across the country are not incumbents, they are easy to move and remove. But Simon did it badly. She should have unveiled her new plan and then said, based on that plan, that we believe the following positions should not be renewed, but then encourage those made redundant to apply for all open positions.

Kurt Baumgartner, Gainesville

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Election of more Republicans

Without our Democratic mayor, we would not be overwhelmed by the millions spent on the buyout and transfer of the biomass plant that caused our high electricity rates and kept us from improving the east side of the city while destroying other things that a letter published May 25 mentioned.

If it weren’t for a Republican mayor, Northwest Eighth Avenue would be a lane each way. Not good! Thank the Democratic Mayor who gave us Depot Park and the Cade Museum for our citizens.

In Liberal Gainesville, it would truly be a miracle if we sat on a Republican city or county committee. The bottom line: I think for most of us it would be better if we had more Republicans elected.

Tom Pennisi, Gainesville

January 6 commission required

Many Republicans who curled up in the chambers of the House and prayed for their lives during the insurgency are now brain dead and afraid of what the commission will find out. The focus should be on those who brazenly and criminally opposed the legal outcome of our elections.

The Trump organization’s criminal investigation should be another reminder of his administration’s corruption. He still has a grip on those who will do and say anything to get re-elected.

Kevin McCarthy is expected to be subpoenaed and called to testify about his conversation with Trump on January 6. If there is nothing, wouldn’t the GOP welcome it?

Fake news, witch hunts and the deep state are still the mantra of Republicans who can’t let go. Our country deserves better.

Martin Werts, archer

Limit ideas

Recently, this headline appeared in the press: “Sec. Corcoran and our Governor DeSantis also joined Fox News commentators in criticizing Critical Race Theory, a decades-old academic concept that examines how racism is embedded in American institutions. “

Another prominent politician, President Xi Jinping, uses the same practice to limit ideas and speech among his citizens, with prison as a solution for free thinkers. Perhaps strong comparisons could be drawn, as our “Governor Xi” is getting stronger and stronger every day.

David A. Carlson, Gainesville

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