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BROOKVILLE – The Rebecca M. Arthurs Memorial Library hosted an author meet and greet with local author Joe Taylor who recently published his first book and has two more in the works.

Her book, “I’m just lucky to own my own car,” is a collection of 60 short stories and poems that will evoke a wide range of emotions in readers and, in some cases, “will make your head scratch. and ask yourself why, ”as Taylor said.

Taylor appeared at the library last Thursday and read some of the pieces from her book when meeting with the author. He then asked questions about the works in the book or the process of publishing his book. He is well known to members of the Watershed Journal because it was there that he began to share his work.

“I’ve always written, but the idea of ​​actually writing. I had written a lot of this stuff before, ”Taylor said.

Taylors said Jess Weible of the Watershed Journal was a great help in publishing this book, and she acted as editor for him, along with several other members of the group.

“I write about things that I don’t think people ever take the time to consider something worth writing about, just the everyday things that happen to us or that happen to us periodically,” Taylor said.

Some of the articles he read were about waking up and not recognizing your own room after moving to a new home, and another was dreaming about being a Walmart host.

He said this book was his “essay” before publishing his second book, which will be released in October of this year. He said he wanted to see how the posting process would work.

His goal with this first book was to sell 50 books, and he achieved that goal, and still organizes events to promote the book. They are still available online at Amazon Books or in print at the Watershed Book Store and Artfunkel’s in Clarion.

The second book will be “A Twist of a Dial” and is in fact the first book he has written, but will be the second published. It is a book that focuses on work in the radio field, and is already written and ready for publication. He’s working on a third book that will focus on the growth of Italian Americans in the 1950s and 1960s.

Taylor publishes his books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, which means it is published on Kindle and also in print. It is a self-publishing platform launched by Amazon in 2007.

He said that when he wrote he focused more on the technical parts of the work.

“I find myself when I write this stuff like ‘okay, this is a good song, but you have to know that I need something else in here, and I need to something there. ‘ Once I get the idea, that’s the “romantic” part of it. It’s okay, but something else is needed, which is just technical in nature. I need to take something, ”Taylor said.

One of the library readers said Taylor had a knack for knowing how much detail to include to bring the stories to life rather than just telling the overall story. When asked how he decided what details to include, Taylor replied that it goes back to his history writing radio commercials.

“Where the client gives you three pages of stuff and you have to cut it down to 60 or even 30 seconds, then I think it comes down to that,” he said.

To follow Taylor’s books and appearances, he can be found on Facebook under Joe Taylor, Writer.

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