Local author writes book to introduce main characters with disabilities

Courtney Daugherty has had a passion for writing since elementary school, but never wrote with purpose until after her daughter died of a rare heart defect, which led her to publish recently. Different is normal.

“I started to defend babies born with [congenital heart disease] and it was only after the pandemic that I decided to start venturing into children’s books, ”said Daugherty. “I discovered that less than 4% of all children’s literature featured a disabled main character and decided that I wanted to be one of that 4%. “

Instead of a single disabled character, Daugherty created a book with depictions of children born with alopecia, Down syndrome, limb impairments and more.

“My favorite part of my book is the last page, where you can find facts about childhood illnesses, disabilities and more,” she said. “Not only is my book medically inclusive, it also features children from all over the world, from different cultures and ethnicities. “

Daugherty said the book is ideal for children, especially in the classroom or homes with children who may find themselves pictured in this book.

“There are many lines and illustrations in my book that can raise questions leading to educational and informative conversations for children to better understand their peers, inclusiveness and even self-acceptance,” he said. she declared.

The book can be found on Amazon or purchased directly from Daugherty.

She also hopes to host events at local schools to share her book with students across the county.

“I may never get rich or famous from my children’s books,” Daugherty said. “But if even a child can see himself or his way of life represented for the first time in art thanks to my books, then that is reason enough for me to continue writing.”

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