Marvel’s Namor traded his underwater empire for Hollywood

Attracting Marvel’s First Family to Hollywood, Namor the Submariner implements the ultimate plan to defeat his personal enemies, the Fantastic Four.

After placing all their bets on the stock exchange, New York’s most famous superhero group, the Fantastic Four, find themselves in financial trouble. While the patents of team leader Reed Richard were once a stable source of income, Richards’ investment is proving far too immense. Almost evicted from their Baxter Building headquarters and strapped for options and expenses, the four begin to envision the grim future of their famous quartet. While Reed plans to sell the team’s famous pogo plane and a plethora of other original inventions by Reed Richards for an income, Richards and his family find a possible solution to their new bankruptcy in the form of a main villain.

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Freshly released a team with the Fantastic Four’s greatest foe in Latverian Doctor Doom ruler, writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby The Fantastic Four # 9 finds the team’s other notable opponent, Namor, back in his solitude contemplating the end of his enemies from the surface. Rather than pursue another collaboration with an enemy from the colorful rogue gallery of the four, Namor instead seeks a less visible means of conquest. Accessing wealth from his kingdom’s forgotten treasure, Namor uses his massive Atlantis fortune to purchase a movie studio in the heart of Hollywood, California. By dubbing that company SM Studios and taking on the role of an anonymous producer, the Sub Mariner lures his penniless herd to California with the promise of a healthy salary.

While the Fantastic Four are quickly dismayed to discover that their mysterious benefactor is, in fact, a major threat, Hollywood hopefuls reluctantly accept Namor’s proposal, which includes a $ 1 million cash payment once the film is filmed and finished. As each member of the Fantastic Four begins shooting their respective scenes from the film in separate locations, Namor visits each member with a different assault on set. Mr. Fantastic faces a giant Cyclops on a desert island, Johnny Storm / the Human Torch meets a village full of “friendly” natives, and Ben Grimm / The Thing confronts Namor himself on the outskirts of Hollywood Beach, while that Sub Mariner uses the elaborate filming technique to attempt to marry Sue Storm / The Invisible Woman. Once again failing to defeat the Fantastic Four thanks to Sue’s intervention, Namor lives up to his word by rewarding his enemies with their promised wages before returning to his rightful homeland of Atlantis.

Namor’s time underwater began to decrease once he encountered the Fantastic Four in the modern era, significantly extending his time between Atlantis and the surface. The Fantastic Four and his longing for their most powerful member, the Invisible Woman, are even the source of the tension between the former friend and the brutal Atlantean warlord named Attuma. The story itself can be traced to the antics of the Silver Age, but The Fantastic Four # 9 is a vital chapter in the tale of Namor’s battle against Marvel’s First Family. While Namor’s loyalty may again rest on Atlantis, the Sub Mariner film company remains an existing entity within the Marvel Universe.

Dan Slott’s Current The Fantastic Four The run, which began in the summer of 2018, saw a variety of callbacks to the team’s decorated comic book history ranging from the return of the Ultimate Nullifier to the young girl Wendy and her “Friends”. Given recent rumors Marvel Cinematic Universe developments, an appearance of by Namor The Hollywood profession may be just what the show needs to bring the Sub Mariner character back to life.

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