New RL Stine Stories Come To Life In All-New Podcast

Screenless entertainment isn’t always easy to find, but a new podcast filled with TV stars, writers and producers is gearing up to change that!

GoKidGo is a storytelling podcast launched today for ages 6-11 with immersive storytelling. It is set in an Avengers-style universe and also features untold stories from beloved childhood author RL Stine from Goose bumps. The first three episodes are now available: Bobby wonder, Lucy wow and The story of RL Stine Club.

You’ll likely recognize familiar voices, like Danny Pudi (NBC’s Community) plays Bobby, Michaela Dietz (the voice of Amethyst in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe) voices Lucy and Ariel Winter (NBC’s Modern family) in Story Club. You can listen to them all for free on iTunes, Spotify, and other popular podcast platforms. New episodes will be uploaded every week on Monday.

“These are just the first of many GoKidGo shows to launch. We’ve got a ton more coming up with big stars, hilarious stories and a whole universe of characters – think Nickelodeon but for your ears, ”said Patrick Carman, Co-Founder of GoKidGo.

While the topic is light, the purpose of the podcast is serious. It aims to ignite children’s imaginations after pandemic lockdowns lead to increased screen time and negative effects on young children’s speech and vocabulary. You will be able to download free learning resources to complete each episode at

—Sarah Shebek

Featured Photo: Jonas Mohamdi via Pexels


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