Novel by the author of Kirby Lonsdale inspired by Sophie Kinsella

A Kirkby Lonsdale author is set to celebrate the launch of her first novel with an event in the town she is ‘proud to call home’.

Danielle Owen-Jones’ romantic comedy Stone Broke Heiress will have a reading, Q&A and book signing at the Book Lounge in Kirkby Lonsdale on Friday April 1 at 6pm.

Danielle previously worked in journalism and before joining Kirby Lonsdale in 2016, launching her PR business Bloomin’ Creative, with publisher Bookouture (owned by Hachette), calling Stone Broke Heiress: “an out-of-this-world fishy comedy. water in which the protagonist Arabella “goes from Prada to nada” when her family’s soup empire goes bankrupt.

“It is set in Liverpool and has been hailed as the new must-read for fans of romantic comedy icons Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk, as well as the hit TV show, Schitt’s Creek.”

SCRIBE: Danielle Owen-Jones was inspired by Sophie Kinsella

Danielle said the book had been in the works for years, although the 2020 lockdown gave her time and focus to refine her script:

“The story has completely changed since those early drafts.

“The concept was loosely based on the reality TV show Made in Chelsea, and the idea of ​​being so rich, but then losing everything and starting over.

“When I signed with my agent, she also helped shape and strengthen the story.

“For example, it was originally set in London, and now it’s set in Toxteth (Liverpool), which gives it an interesting angle.”

Danielle said she had always been an avid reader and explained her influences:

“My bookshelves in my bedroom growing up were my pride and joy.
“I was one of those kids queuing outside Waterstones to buy the new Harry Potter book the minute it came out (or my mum or grandma was while I was at the school !)

“I especially loved Lemony Snicket and RL Stine, and everything Jacqueline Wilson wrote, I devoured.

“Without a doubt, the most significant influence on my writing style is the queen of romantic comedies: Sophie Kinsella.

“Since picking up the first Shopaholic book when I was about 12/13, I’ve fallen in love with its natural spirit and warmth.

“I read a lot and enjoy all genres of books, but romantic comedies have definitely shaped my writing.”

Valerie Laycock, owner of The Book Lounge, said: “We are really delighted to host this event and are proud to support local authors.

“The launch event is expected to be a great evening and we look forward to welcoming guests to the Book Lounge.”

“Bookouture Editor-in-Chief Emily Gowers said, ‘I asked the universe for something to fill the Schitt’s Creek-sized hole in my life, and Danielle answered!

“This book made me laugh out loud and left me wishing Bella was real so we could be friends.

“The next best thing is to introduce her and Danielle’s writing to the world, and I feel so lucky to do that!”

Stone Broke Heiress will be released in e-book, paperback and audio on Monday, March 21.

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