Richard King, Montreal writer and broadcaster, has passed away

Montreal novelist, entrepreneur and book critic Richard King died on Sunday.

King brought his unbridled passion for books to CBC Montreal as a columnist for Home Run then Let’s go on CBC Radio One until the end of 2021. He has also written book reviews and articles for the CBC website.

King has written several fiction novels and biographical books, including At the service of life, which was due to be released on April 1. According to his website, King has worked in the book industry for over 40 years.

King also helped co-found the Paragraphe bookstore and café in Montreal, which opened in 1981.

He was a constant presence in the store for many years, his obituary says, because it was a store “he loved so much.” Throughout his life he retained an interest in the life and well-being of Paragraphe staff, many of whom had become friends. . “

King had degrees in history from Concordia University and the University of Rochester in New York. As part of his graduate studies in French history, he carried out research in Paris.

Later in life, he combined his academic love of history with his passion for writing, his obituary says.

Richard King was a book columnist for Homerun and then Let’s Go on CBC Radio One until late 2021. (SRC)

“He co-wrote, with two Holocaust survivors, the stories of their survival and success and also co-wrote two additional biographies,” he says.

“He then turned to fiction by writing detective novels that he chose to stage in Montreal.

King had a keen intelligence which he combined with an unprecedented sense of humor, the obituary says, and his “concern for the less fortunate was always at the forefront of his thought and actions.”

He volunteered in the emergency room at the Jewish General Hospital for many years.

Although the way he passed away has not yet been made public, his family expresses their gratitude to the Segal Cancer Center and the Palliative Care Unit at the Jewish General Hospital “for their dedication to the well-being and to the comfort of Richard and all their patients, ”says the obituary.

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