Roundup: Authors from Quad-City and the Midwest to put on your reading list | Fun and Entertainment

“The Midwest Survival Guide” by Charlie Berens: Although Charlie Berens did not grow up locally, he learns about many habits practiced in the Quad-Cities and throughout the Midwest in “The Midwest Survival Guide”. In Berens’ New York Times bestseller, the comedian and Wisconsin native offers tips and tricks for those unaccustomed to Midwestern ways, like long goodbyes and even longer waits while holding the door opened.

“Proles: A Novel About 2084” by Joel E. Lorentzen: Inspired by George Orwell’s “1984” but set a century later, Joel E. Lorentzen’s novel “Proles: A Novel About 2084” is about a technologically advanced and supposedly perfect society. But when a scientist begins to realize that utopia is more of a dystopia, everything begins to fall apart.

“Falling Fast” by Kylie Himebaugh: Quad-Cities born-and-raised author Kylie Himebaugh released “Falling Fast” in November 2020, about a girl who meets a world-famous band and starts dating one of its members.

“I am more than my hair” by Pavane Gorrepati: In an effort to de-stigmatize dermatological conditions, Davenport native Pavane Gorrepati wrote the children’s book “I Am More Than My Hair.” It follows a girl whose hair falls out due to alopecia, a skin condition that can lead to hair loss and baldness.

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