SDCC 2021: Marvel Comics’ X-Men Writers On Relaunching Inferno For The Modern Era

A powerful panel of Marvel Comics writing stars has teased what lies in store for the future of the X-Men at San Diego Comic-Con. The big takeaway? The next X-Men titles Magneto’s trial and Hell will bring the X-Men universe to its knees in more ways than one.

There have been many developments since the mutant nation of Krakoa hosted the cultural event of the decade. When the Hellfire Gala ended with Leah Williams’ number 10 X factor Course. Most notable? The death of Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch). But Maximoff attended the Hellfire Gala at the request of the Master of Magnetism himself. Could he really blame for his murder?

Here’s what writer Leah Williams had to say about her upcoming series, Magneto’s trial: “This is a thorough review of the high-profile Krakoa murder investigation and will threaten many of Krakoa’s secrets.” She added: “The trial makes more than one sense after all. These will be Magneto’s trials and tribulations.

Another important development since the age of Krakoa is the terraformation of Mars in the planet Arakko, in the book by writer Gerry Duggan Planet Size X-Men # 1. Arakko is today the homeland of the Arraki and the capital of the solar system. Big things are happening in the growing dominance of Mutandom. And Duggan continues the fragile relationship between the X-Men and humanity with a new democratically elected X-Men team.

Planet size knocked over dominoes, and there will be a flashback to Earth, ”Duggan said. “The new X-Men team will protect Earth, and we will try to stop some evil forces that would like to see Earth overturned. There will be new cosmic and local threats. “

Duggan also talked about his series Marauders, saying that Krakoa’s White Queen Emma Frost will face significant challenges in the future, as her past comes back to haunt her. Nothing serious there!

Many X-Men fans have their eyes on a new series from Krakoa architect Jonathan Hickman, Hell. The series, consisting of four 40-page issues, promises to involve the biggest actors in the X-Men world, Moira MacTaggert, Nimrod and Mystique. “Mystique is really crazy,” White said, giving nothing the fans didn’t already know. He added: “This series will touch on a lot of things put together going back to House of X. It is a big turning point. Go ahead knowing that it will be difficult to know who to root for.

It seems Mystique is considering keeping her promise to X Men # 20 to cut a fiery swath of destruction across Krakoa unless the island’s shadow government agrees to resurrect his wife, Destiny. Bringing back his beloved might not be as easy as it sounds for an island that can hatch new mutants. Thanks to the secret ban on resurrecting mutants with precognitive abilities, a rule put in place by Moira, Mystique has a big bone to change with Krakoa’s elite. The crucial question remains, can she follow through on his threats? And will she betray the mutantkind to do so?

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Matteo Buffagni / Marvel Comics

Recently we saw writer Benjamin Percy run on Wolverine present the return of Deadpool, still vibrant and equally callous, not a mutant. Who else could throw an invitation-only party in such style? Percy is eager to see the Hellfire Gala return next year, so he can make more trouble. He also discussed a new Wolverine storyline titled “The Unusual Suspects”, which will feature Solem, Wolverine’s X of swords rival with adamantium skin, as the main villain. In X-Force, Percy says we’ll finally find out the Chronicler’s identity in a Russia-related storyline with Hickman’s Hell.

On the cool kids’ side of the lunch table, Vita Ayala spoke about their current Marvel titles, Children of the atom and New mutants. Ayala says the telepathic Shadow King will continue to play with the children of the New mutants. “He represents a kind of boogieman that an adult might not believe,” adding, “we have to teach these kids to be a little afraid of the woods.”

For CotA, the stakes will be mostly emotional as the kids continue to grapple with the fallout from revealing their biggest secret: They’re not actually mutants. In the United States, Kamala’s new law prohibits teens from functioning as superheroes if they are not supervised by a mentor. Ayala says the repercussions of their exposed secret “will be very, very personal to them.”

Hell promises to be just as revolutionary for the X-Men universe as Hickman’s House of X / Powers of X and presents the art of Valerio Schiti, RB Silva and Stefano Caselli. Hell will run over 160 pages in four issues starting in September and ending in December.

No matter how you rock it, it’s an exciting time to be an X-Men fan – if all doesn’t ignite.

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