Seven Seas Entertainment adds 7 new manga and 2 light novels – News

Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Friday that it had cleared seven new manga titles and two new light novels for release in 2022:

Title: I am blue, suffering and fragile novel (an airship footprint title)
Authors): Yoru Sumino
Release date: February 2022
Summary: Two young people in the first year of university, attracted by the passion of the other, found a secret society to pursue these ideals. But as time goes on, the demands of a world that is not kind to dreamers threaten to pull them apart, filling the void between them with shattered hopes and fallout from lies. A tender and tragic tale of the cruelty of youth, by an acclaimed author Yoru Sumino.

Title: Even if it was just once, I regret it
Author (s): Miyahara Miyako
Release date: February 2022
Plot: 24-year-old Koduka Chiyo quit her job and feels sorry for herself in her apartment. She is also three months behind on her rent. So her landlady comes up with an unusual solution: have sex with her, and she’ll help her with the debt, the dirty apartment, and the loneliness that drives Chiyo to beer and escape. After a one-night stand, the two women decide to keep the arrangement. Their growing relationship leads to questions of identity, life together, and whether anything tender can develop from an arrangement that started off with a bang.

Title: Reincarnation Yakuza
Authors): Takeshi Natsuhara, Hiroki Miyashita
Release date: March 2022
Summary: Ryu may be getting older, but this aging yakuza leader is still tough enough to take on the punks who try to make their mark on his territory. However, when the tough kids ambush him, it seems the lights go out for old Ryu. But instead of dying, Ryu wakes up to a fantasy world in the body of a beautiful princess! Is he the one that the ancient prophecy spoke of? Ryu might not be right for him in this fantasy realm, but he might be the only one who can save it!

Title: The 100 girlfriends who really, really, really, really, really love you (a Ghost ship print title)
Author (s): Rikito Nakamura, Yukiko Nozawa
Release date: February 2022
Summary: Aijo Rentaro tried and tried again, but after inviting a hundred girls out he was rejected every time. In desperation, he prays for guidance… only to be told by a god that his rejections were due to cosmic error! Now the god is going to make things right by making sure Aijo gets a hundred dates. Except, as is often the case with the gods, dates have a catch: a hundred girls are meant to be Aijo’s soul mate, and unless he turns their feelings around every time, they will die in horrible accidents! Sure enough, the girls start to confess their love to Aijo left and right. But how is he supposed to choose ?! He doesn’t want to kill anyone! When he looks at every potential soul mate, it looks like lightning. Can anyone really love a hundred other people? This hilarious romantic comedy takes the concept of the harem to the extreme wild!

Title: The magical power of the saint is omnipotent: The Other Saint
Authors): Yuka tachibana, Aoagu, Yasuyuki Syuri
Release date: May 2022
Plot: Aira Misono is an ordinary high school student and never imagined that she would be summoned to another world, let alone declare her savior. Yet from the moment the handsome Prince Kyle lays eyes on her, he is convinced that she is the long-awaited saint destined to banish darkness from her world. Aira herself has serious doubts. Is she really up to this challenge? She may be able to use magic, but is she really a saint? Aira’s fears and struggles only deepen as the woman summoned to his side begins to look more and more like the one who truly deserves the title.

Title: The summer tunnel, the farewell exit light novels and manga
Author (s): Koudon (manga), Mokune Hachi and illustrator Kukka (light novel)
Release date: July 2022
Plot: Tono Kaoru has heard a rumor: the laws of space and time mean nothing to the Urashima Tunnel. If you find it, cross it and you will find your heart’s desire on the other side … in exchange for years of your own life. The night Kaoru finds himself just in front of a tunnel that looks suspiciously like the one rumored to be, he finds himself thinking of Karen, the sister he lost in an accident five years ago. To Kaoru’s surprise, he was followed by new transfer student Anzu Hanaki, who promises to help him experience the mysterious tunnel – but what does she want from Kaoru in return? And what will he have left to give, once the tunnel is over with him?

Title: My brain is different: stories of ADHD and other developmental disabilities
Author (s): MONNZUSU
Release date: April 2022
Summary: This intimate manga anthology deals with the struggles and triumphs of individuals learning to navigate daily life with a developmental disability. The comics follow the stories of nine people, including: a junior high school dropout who finds another path to education; a former “problem” child helping children in a support school; a so-called problem child realizing the beauty of his own unique whims; and a man falling in love with the world with the help of a new medicine. This inspiring volume illustrates their various anxieties and their autonomy in a world that is not quite designed for them.

Title: The duke of death and his maid
Authors): Koharu Inoué
Release date: May 2022
Plot: When the Duke was a young boy, a witch caused every living thing he touched to die. Unable to care for such a cursed child, his family sent him to live in an old mansion. Now a young man, his only companions are an elderly butler and his childhood friend, a busty blonde maid named Alice. Despite the fact that touching the Duke means instant death, Alice constantly teases him, gets close and mercilessly flirts. But even though Alice likes to make the Duke blush, her affection for him is the real deal. Can the two of them find a way to break the witch’s spell?

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