Surprise author launches new children’s book

Surprise resident Mark Enlow recently published my mid-level novel, “The King of the Isle of Zu”.

The book debuted in time for some adventurous summer read.

Hurricane, mysterious island, talkative animals, gnomes, mermaid, king and very evil pirates come to life in a fantasy / adventure story for young readers ages 8-12.

Lucas and his dog Applejack find themselves stranded in a mysterious place. Lucas wants to return home, which will force him to face a bossy tiger, a sometimes overly sensitive gorilla, and a funny, but not always useful meerkat in this strange new land.

After Lucas listens to the animal’s wild stories, he decides he must try to form a united group that will require trust, compassion, patience, and determination.

Will they be able to work together to venture on the many adventures that lie ahead or will they all be doomed to their new dangerous surroundings? Can the King of the Isle of Zu help them? Lucas must do his best to meet the challenges ahead.

Enlow was inspired by adventure, travel, and the interesting people he met along the way. It is in this spirit of new horizons that “the island of Zu” was created with its many spectacular places to explore and its living characters to meet.

“The King of the Isle of Zu” has been described by readers as a page turner filled with adventure, fantasy and fun for children and their families.

Mark lives in Surprise with his wife, Janet, as they await their next new adventure.
The book is now available on in paperback and Kindle formats. The author’s website can be accessed at

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