Surprising film Samuel L. Jackson calls best film

At the time of this writing, Samuel L. Jackson has around 150 film credits to his credit, which means there are around 150 potential candidates to be his best of the bunch. Although, for him, it is not a competition, as he has declared the 1996 crime drama “The Long Kiss Goodnight” several times his unrivaled favorite film. “I love this movie, man. I had such a great time with Geena Davis,” he said. Jimmy Fallon in 2019, citing his time playing Mitch Henessey as a highlight of his on-screen tenure.

Directed by Renny Harlin and written by Shane Black, “The Long Kiss Goodnight” centers on Samantha Caine (Davis), who lost her memory eight years ago and has since struggled to remember her past life. In a last ditch effort to do so, she calls in eccentric Detective Henessey, and the duo quickly unravel a plot they never knew existed. There’s action, drama, and solid performance galore, but it hasn’t exactly gotten the better of the box office – with just under $ 90 million in revenue on a budget of $ 65 million. of dollars. Nevertheless, the film is affectionately remembered by critics and moviegoers in general Nowadays.

“The Long Kiss Goodnight” is not among Samuel L. Jackson’s most prominent films, nor is it hugely popular among its fans. However, if the man himself is happy with the end product, has enjoyed his time working on it, and thinks it is the best of his career, then he certainly deserves more recognition than he gets.

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