Talk about the tip! Jennifer Granholm’s American Energy Chickification Is Coming

BRETT: Chuck Schumer said he was going to “do it in Georgia” and then they were going to “do it to the rest of the country”. What did I mean by “do it”? Well, the fundamental transformation of America, which is changing who we are. We’ve been hearing the same story for years and years going back at least to the first Obama administration and perhaps the early years of the Obama administration.

The notions of Green New Deals and transforming America and out of the box jobs, changing the way we vote and changing the way we work and all that. It’s the same theme. It just has different tags attached to it in later iterations. But one of the people who continues to resurface time and time again is former Michigan State Governor, now Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Jennifer Granholm has been pushing and failing in the green mess for years, years and years. In fact, one of the articles hanging around right now on this Green New Deal thing – this infrastructure nonsense, the big winner of Biden’s energy plan – is his energy secretary’s former company. Cronyism, right? Cronyism. Well, Rush was there years ago.

Here is Rush’s take on Governor Granholm and the so-called green jobs.

RUSH: Try this from Michigan, in the Washington Post: “In Michigan, yellow light for green jobs.” Let me summarize this story for you. Green jobs are not the solution. Green jobs in Michigan are not the answer to economic problems. Well guess what?

This is a very strong argument against all liberal policies. They don’t work! They do the exact opposite of what is advertised. “Since taking office…” Let me give you the opening paragraphs to put this in context. It is in the Washington Post: “If the future of the US manufacturing industry lies in green industries, the Michigan governor’s job search offers a cautionary tale.

“Four years ago, Jennifer M. Granholm set out to rebuild her condition, which has taken an exceptional boost with the decline of the auto industry, as a pioneer in creating environmentally friendly jobs. . Today, however, jobs are still disappearing much faster than it can create them, raising questions about how long it will take Michigan and other hard-hit states to find new industries to employ. their workers.

It cannot “create” a single job. Jennifer Granholm can’t even do hers very well! This journalist’s model is: “Oh, the government! They are our saviors. “Democrats have now learned that it’s easier to just increase benefits than it is to prevent layoffs and create new jobs; and Jennifer Granholm, oh, jobs are disappearing so much “faster than she can create them”!

She is a ditz! Pelosi is a ditz. Obama is a threat and a danger.

“Since taking office in 2003, Granholm has created 163,300 jobs…” This is an absolute lie. The government does not “create” jobs unless it hires people to work for the government, and that is not what those jobs are. And anyway, the 163,000 “positions” she claims to have created are a number provided by her office.

“She expects a recent injection of over $ 1 billion from the Obama administration to support car and electric vehicle battery projects will generate an additional 40,000 jobs by 2020.” Big whoop! It is 2009. We should be creating 40,000 scary jobs a day in this country! Given that there is an unemployment rate of 9.8%. 100, 40,000 new jobs a day are expected to be created right now and it could be done with the Limbaugh stimulus package.

(sigh) Forty thousand jobs by 2020 in the green sector, batteries and bins for electric cars! “Over the past decade, however, as the auto industry has grown smaller, Michigan has lost 870,000 jobs, including about 632,000 during Granholm’s tenure.

Notice Michigan “lost” the jobs, it didn’t. She “created” 163,000 jobs, but Michigan “lost” 632,000 during her tenure. And that number, by the way, is “is expected to reach 1 million by the end of next year, the end of his term.” So in 15 months we will lose another 370,000 jobs, but Jennifer Granholm assures us that she will create 40,000 new jobs in 11 years.

In 12, 14 months, we’re going to lose 370,000, but fear not people! Forty thousand new jobs in the green sector will be created by… 2020. “In her efforts to attract employers, the governor has taken the last weapons in the economic arsenal – tax credits, loans, tickets for the Super Bowl and willingness to travel to Japan for a weekend to try and persuade an auto parts company to bring more jobs to Michigan.

“She won jobs in solar and wind power, electric car batteries and film production. About 10,800 of the new posts came from foreign companies, according to his office, the result of visits to seven countries. “We have big bones as a state,” she says. “We know how to build things. We will build on this strength and diversify this economy.

“’We will lead the country in creating jobs in renewable energy. We are not going to be seen as Luddits. Forty thousand jobs in this stupid green sector in 11 years. And that will be the leader, which means no other state will hit nearly 40,000 jobs in 11 years – and this stupid, unnecessary hoax of a filled green sector!

It’s a scary hoax, green jobs, windmills, electric cars, solar, that’s a whole bag of dung! Forty thousand jobs in 11 years will run the country? Good God! Are we ever fucked up! And that’s after I got a billion dollars from that dunce Obama to help ignite the economy – and I’m only on the first page of this story! And I have to take a break. And I need a break to calm down and get through the rest of this garbage.

Flat Rock, North Carolina. John, welcome to the program. I’m glad you called, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thanks.

CALLER: I was very interested in your story in the Washington Post about Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan. The first thing that struck me is that this article is in a Washington, DC newspaper; not in a Michigan newspaper. I think the Michigan media take a different view of Governor Granholm. And to show you that I am a lifelong student at the Limbaugh Institute, what this article describes is the ultimate CV enhancement for a promotion from the Governor of Michigan to a senior Obama position.

RUSH: I can’t disagree with all of this.

CALLER: Of course.

RUSH: It’s very rare for a caller to teach me, but when it does, I’m ready to admit it. You are absolutely right. The fact that this was published in the Washington Post is curious. What do they care about, unless they’re trying to push this notion of Obama’s green sector forward, but end up trashing it, so I don’t think that’s it.

CALLER: Well, there’s another angle on this, Rush.

RUSH: But your conclusion that failure is recovery improvement for Democrats – that is, look at Jimmy Carter – then you may indeed have a point here. What’s the other angle?

CALLER: The green jobs they talked about, Rush – when they made the announcement, Biden and Granholm in Michigan – they called them union jobs. Does it help?

RUSH: Help what? Help me understand something or help me what?

CALLER: How she positions herself as a Democratic star of the Green Revolution.

RUSH: Maybe, but no one is going to play in this green revolution.

CALLING: (laughs)

RUSH: My friends, let me give you the numbers. It’s incredible. I’m going to lose my temper again going through this. Michigan lost 638,000 jobs in its second term. They will lose another 370,000 by the end of next year. So in 15 months, an additional 370,000 jobs will be lost in Michigan.

Jennifer Granholm takes credit for the new “green jobs sector” that she will create: 40,000 new jobs in 11 years. It’s good news? That country is the United States of America. Should we be creating 40,000 jobs a day in this country and advertising 40,000 jobs in 11 years in Michigan? Do not make me laugh! It is simply absurd.

BRETT: We always hear from the left, right? They call themselves “the progressives”. We always hear from the left, from socialists, from leftists, that the only reason people get rich is because someone has become poor. This is the story that has lasted forever. And he was applauded by Bernie Sanders, AOC, The Squad, Elizabeth Warren. The only reason why …

They will choose someone: “Jeff Bezos only got rich because he stole it from the poor!” We know this is madness because you could never get rich by stealing money from the poor because the poor have no money. This is the premise. But every time you see a business doing well, posting profits from the left, you still get the same thing, namely:

“Well, it’s a zero-sum game. The – the – the business is making money, so the workers are poorer. It is what it is! So when you magically, magically create new green jobs, who is the loser in the zero-sum game? What poor person is she getting robbed of to get Solyndra or some other, you know, a new green wind turbine business or whatever?

Who is the poor schlub losing all his money because of this? Well the answer is quite simple. It is quite easy to understand. The poor schlub losing his money is you and me, Rush and everyone who listens to this program.

Because the only reason green jobs are showing up – whether well paying or not – is that they use taxpayer dollars to create the system. Solyndra. Wind mill. It’s who loses. Yes, these businesses, these businesses only succeed because they take their money from the poor – we are the working people of America who pay our taxes.

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