The 3 new Sushmoy novels available in bookstores

Sushmoy Sumon

Writer Sushmoy Sumon has written three new novels namely Bhalobasa Namer Asukh, Narakbas and Bipanna Phisphas, which are now available in various bookstores and online platforms.

Bhalobasa Namer Asukh was published by Grantharajya at Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2021 while Abasar Prakashana is the publisher of Narakbas and Bipanna Phisphas.

‘Bhalobasa Namer Asukh is a detective story. The novel was published by Grantharajya Prakashani during the Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2021. Bhalobasa Namer Asukh revolves around a fictional serial killer from the Gazipur region, ”Sushmoy Sumon told New Age.

“In addition, my two novels titled Narakbas and Bipanna Phisphas were published by Abasar Prokashona during Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2021,” added Sushmoy Sumon, who previously wrote literary works, namely Premik, Ashubha Prohar, Apartment , Andharer Janalata Khola, Aparthib, Maribar Holo Tar Sadh and Je chilo Antarale.

Readers can purchase copies of Bhalobasa Namer Asukh, Narakbas, and Bipanna Phisphas at Baatighar Bookstore in the capital’s Banglamotor. The novels can also be purchased from online platforms, namely,, and others. In addition, readers can order the novels from the Facebook pages and the websites of Gronthorajya and Abasar Prokashona.

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