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After many, many, numerous false starts, Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s groundbreaking comic book series is finally making its way to television – here, a mysterious event kills all but one of the men. The original series itself had its problematic moments, but an all-female directing team and transgender portrayal suggest this dystopian series could improve on its (otherwise excellent) source material. (9/13, Hulu)

Other new TV series and specials: Q-Force (9/2, Netflix); About (9/7, Netflix); American rust (9/12, show time); Scenes from a wedding (12/9, HBO); The premise (9/16, Hulu); Chicago Party Aunt (9/17, Netflix); Star Wars: Visions (9/22, Disney +); Midnight Mass (9/24, Netflix); Foundation (9/24, Apple TV +); The attack on Hollywood clichés (29/28, Netflix)

Ken Burns, Sarah Burns and David McMahon are overseeing this four-part documentary series about the three-time heavyweight champion and world icon. (9/19, PBS)

More new documentaries: Bitchin ‘: The Sound and Fury of Rick James (9/3, time of the show); Happier than ever: a love letter to Los Angeles (9/3, Disney +); Countdown: Inspiration4 mission to space (9/6, Netflix); Too Early: Comedy After September 11 (9/8, Vice TV); Once Upon a Time in Queens: The 86 Mets Wild Ride (9/14, ESPN)

The slightly dubious idea of ​​going to a crowded theater right now, Marvel’s latest “Phase Four” makes superhero studio plans – meaning fewer well-known characters as well as familiar characters in new ones. roles (see: Sam Wilson as Captain America). Mythology aside, Shang-Chi works like an action movie with mystical / fantasy elements – you don’t need to memorize the MCU to enjoy it. (9/3, theaters)

More new movies coming to big and small screen: Cinderella (9/3, Prime Video); Value (9/3, Netflix); Karen (9/3, VOD); Come from afar (9/10, Apple TV +); Kate (9/10, Netflix); Smart (9/10, HBO Max / theaters); crying macho (9/17, HBO Max / theaters); Everybody’s talking about Jamie (9/17, Prime Video); The hostel out of nowhere (9/17, VOD / theaters); Prisoners of Ghost Country (9/17, VOD); Starling (9/24, Netflix); Dear Evan Hansen (9/24, theaters)

The old one Daily show the host returns with an Apple TV + show described as a “multi-season, one-issue” series; each hour-long episode will be devoted to a single topic, including those “currently part of the national conversation”. A little mysterious, but happy to find it again; the show also arrives with an accompanying podcast. (9/30, Apple TV +)

Returning TV Series and Specials: Bio AP (9/2, Peacock); What we do in the shadows (9/2, FX); Impeachment: American Crime Story (9/7, FX); Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father (9/14, Netflix); Sex education (9/17, Netflix); The Emmys (9/19, CBS); Fate Patrol (9/23, HBO Max); The Tony Awards (9/26, Paramount +); The simpsons and the rest of the Fox animated series (9/26, Fox)


The latest from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead (Underground Railroad, Nickel boys) proposes a small turn to the left; it’s basically a tale about a failed heist and the gripping cast of Harlem underworld characters in the 1960s. (9/14)

Celebrating 30 years of the metal band’s eponymous “black album” (the one with all successes), Metallica isn’t just releasing a 14 CD / 6 DVD commemorative box set filled with demos, interviews and even a 120 page photo. book, but also comes out with a tribute album of 53 songs… to themselves. Enjoy the novelty of hearing Kamasi Washington, My Morning Jacket, Weezer and Mac DeMarco covering arena bangers like “Enter Sandman” and “The Unforgiven” – seriously, some of the new releases are awesome – but also picking up because all of them the proceeds of the tribute are donated to charities.

More new music: (9/3) Iron Maiden; Imagine Dragons; Bob Marley (reissue); Taylor Swift (reissue)… (9/10) Andrew WK; James Blake; Bela Fleck; Kasey Musgraves; Sleigh bells; Vaccines… (9/17) Bob Dylan (reissue)… (9/24) Third Eye Blind; Poppy; Boys Noize

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