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January 18, 1922

The recently inaugurated entrenchment policy on the Pennsylvania Railroad has resulted in the elimination of the ticket clerk position at the local station and as a result Frank L. Bricker, who has been with the company for many years, will be transferred to another post. . Tickets will be sold by telegraph operators. It was not known today exactly where Mr. Bricker will be located in the future. He was in Grand Rapids today talking to road officials, and under seniority rules in railroad circles, he’ll have the option of picking something he likes. It is believed he may decide to stay at Cadillac in the freight office or take a similar position in Grand Rapids. Two trains are due to take off soon, it was said today. These trains are the one that arrives here from the south at 9:45 p.m. and the one that comes from the north in the early morning. There was no indication of a reduction in freight or passenger rates to offset the saving in operating costs. Cadillac has not yet received final insurance for the new freight depot that was to be built.

January 18, 1972

A Cadillac High School student was not expelled from school for the second semester and temporary suspensions for her and other female students were confirmed late Monday in a statement released by the State School Board of Cadillac area. A request for the girl’s expulsion was made by high school principal John Laurent based on an accusation that the girl had sold marijuana to other students. No names for the girls were released during official council sessions. Council members spent many hours hearing testimony about the prosecution and deliberating on the evidence before making the official statement on Monday evening. “The Board of Education, having heard the testimony of the students involved as well as the uninvolved witnesses, finds that the contradictory statements of all these witnesses, while not untruthful in themselves, are certainly not evidence in support of the application for expulsion that has been made…. The school board does not address to these students and to all students in our school system their feelings of deep concern about the issue of drug use… The school board will continue to direct all administrative and teaching staff to be vigilant in their observation of possible student involvement with drugs, and will not hesitate to take stern action when the facts of implication are clear.

January 18, 1997

After nearly a year of working with an attorney, a Haring Township ordinance governing nudity in public places will go into effect next month. Its provisions include a ban on so-called topless or bottomless appearances in public, or for payment, such as inside a business. Violating the order would be a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a $500 fine for each violation. The order will not affect companies that are already in operation and would benefit from the “grandfather”. That would mean the township’s only current topless bar, Coz’s 8-ball Lounge on US 131, would be unaffected. However, the order would apply to existing businesses if they expand or change.

What the ordinance could not do was prohibit new sex-related ventures. Attorney Kevin Elsenheimer pointed this out to the township council, saying they also can’t put such extreme limits on businesses they can’t operate. Ordinances that imposed such limits have been routinely overturned by the courts, he said, at least in part because they restricted landlords’ free speech rights. The issue of “free speech” is also what made crafting an order so time-consuming, Elsenheimer said. The issue has come up repeatedly in successful challenges to nudity ordinances, and one of the challenges was finding reasons to regulate these businesses that would stand up in court.

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