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Emily Ryan Lerner writes Alter Bridge: Tour Of Horrors Graphic Novel

Alter Bridge are the latest rock band to sign a deal with Z2 Comics – the kind of thing that Heavy metal magazine was so good for – for a high-end graphic novel adaptation. The book in question, Alter Bridge: Tower of Horrors will be packed with a first vinyl release of their 2004 album, One day remains. Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage comic book author, screenplay coordinator on the New warriors TV Show and Writer on Mrs. Fletcher, trinkets and final space, Emily ryan lerner is writing Alter Bridge: Tower of Horrors, telling the story of when one of Alter Bridge’s roadies goes missing and they find a grisly replacement. The artists will include Clay McLeod Chapman (Venom), Nelson blake ii (Spider Man), Lalit Kumar Sharma (Daredevil), Beni R. Lobel (Blacklist), and Carlos Olivares.

Emily Ryan Lerner writes Alter Bridge: Tour Of Horrors Graphic Novel
Emily Ryan Lerner writes Alter Bridge: Tour Of Horrors Graphic Novel

“After 17 years of making music and touring the world, there aren’t many opportunities for a rock band to do something they’ve never done before. After partnering up with Josh and the entire Z2 team to create Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors, we can now check out Create Horror Comic Book from our bucket list. We can’t wait for people to read this original story that we made up. It’s just as exciting that we finally get to release One Day Remains on vinyl thanks to this incredible partnership, ”says Alter Bridge. Editor Josh Frankel says, “Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors is another testament to our commitment to the artist’s vision. While some of our releases tie directly to the stories of the albums themselves, our mission is simply to provide them with a home. musicians to expose their fans to a whole new facet of their artistic palette, without being inhibited by their previous musical work or otherwise. Alter Bridge fans looking for something new. “

The graphic novel Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors is 120 pages long and will be released in a standard hardcover edition in comic book stores and bookstores in November 2021, as well as deluxe, super deluxe, and super-duper deluxe special editions. available for pre-order now only on the Z2 website, which will include a special vinyl first edition of the group’s 2004 debut album, One Day Remains, in a strictly limited edition of 3,000 in three premium editions.

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