Trainspotting writer has a heavy-handed response after Scottish Tories used famous ‘choose life’ speech

Irvine Welsh had some choice words for Scottish Tories after reusing the ‘choose life’ speech from his classic novel Trainspotting.

Welsh has been an outspoken critic of the party in the past, and it seems they misjudged the situation completely after creating a new promotional poster based on his work.

There was no doubt what the acclaimed writer thought of it all after responding to the online post simply writing, “Get f****d you c***s.”

It came after the Tories posted the image with the caption: ‘Choose life without the SNP. Vote Scottish Tories on May 5.’

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The party prepared the promo ahead of today’s (April 5) municipal elections, but the author is certainly not a fan.

The spiel, inspired by the 90s novel that marked the era, reads: “Choose to cut the doors of the school. Choose ferries with painted windows that don’t even float.

“Choose ‘Saudi Arabia of Renewable Energy’. Choose to blame the TOAAARIES. Choose Humza. Choose an investment banker posing as a “humble crofter”.

He continues: “Choose ships built in Eastern Europe. Choose a parking fee. Choose Named People. Choose the Hate Crimes Bill. Choose the worst drug deaths in Europe.

“Choose the decriminalization of heroin. Choose from millions of water on BiFab, Ferguson Marine and more. Opt for state secrecy. Choose the division. Choose nationalism. Choose flags. Choose more flags.

The author had a frank answerGetty Images

“Choose a hard border with your neighbors. Choose the pensions paid by the taxpayers of a country you want to leave. Choose a deficit of 12 billion pounds on day one. Choose a stuck country, constantly coming back to the same arguments we had in 2014.”

The speech “choose life” is one of the most recognized passages of Trainspottingand it is spoken by the protagonist Renton, played by Ewan McGregor in the 1996 film adaptation.

As Scots head to polling stations to cast their ballots today, it’s safe to say the Welsh response was probably not what the Tories were hoping for.

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