Where to watch and read Accel World

accelerated world has a premise that is probably quite familiar to many anime fans. Starring a misunderstood and bullied youngster, the series sees him earn a new, more successful life in the realms of an online video game. Despite what it may seem, the series is not an isekai, although it is still incredibly popular.

Like many franchises, accelerated world started out as a light novel before becoming a manga and anime series. It’s even received video game adaptations, showing just how malleable its premise is. It also helps that he’s generally seen as an improvement over the modern isekai’s supposed father. To get a glimpse of what makes it so successful, here’s how to get into the different adaptations of accelerated world.

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The plot of Accel World

The story of accelerated world follows Haruyuki Arita, who is mocked by local bullies mainly because of his weight. To drown his sorrows, he finds solace in using a Neuro Linker to play video games in a virtual world. It is there that he befriends his classmate Kuroyukihime, who opens up a whole new world to him.

Having become an avid Brain Burst player, Haruyuki quickly learns that success in the game can bestow incredible powers in the real world. Now committed to becoming the master of the game, Haruyuki, along with Kuroyukihime, sets out to complete all of Brain Burst’s challenges, meet the product’s creator, and find out what the game’s true purpose is.

Although this is not an isekai story, accelerated world bears many similarities to the most common traits of this genus. This saw it hailed as a superior version of the popular Sword Art Onlinealthough it ironically shares some narrative traits with the American book and film Loan player one.

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Where to read the Accel World light novel and manga

Reki Kawahara and artist HiMA created accelerated world as a light novel in 2009, and the series has only picked up speed since then. Currently amassing 26 volumes of light novels, the book series has now spanned 13 years, though it is set to end with its 30th entry. So far, 25 of the 26 volumes have been localized in the West, with Yen Press and Jocelyne Allen taking care of the translation.

A manga adaptation drawn by Hiroyuki Aigamo began in 2010, for 8 volumes through 2017. All of these volumes have been localized, but the spin-off manga Axel World and Accel World/Dural: Magisa Garden are still unheard of in the West. These titles can be purchased through Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million, as well as Kindle & Comixology.

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Where to Watch Accel World Anime

the accelerated world The anime was produced by studio Sunrise, with 24 episodes as of 2012, along with two OVA specials. It is this adaptation that has been so widely hailed as a better version of Sword Art Online, and although it is the shortest version of the franchise, it is perhaps the most popular. It was followed a few years later with the film Accel World: Infinite Blastwhich told an original story set after the show.

The series is pretty easy to stream, as it can be watched through the Funimation and Hulu streaming service, as well as Crunchyroll. Infinite Burst is available for free on YouTube, as well as through Funimation, VRV, Crunchyroll, and Tubi TV, and it can be purchased through Amazon Prime Video. Both DVDs and Blu-rays accelerated world the anime and its movie can be purchased through Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Right Stuf Anime.

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