Where to watch and read Wandering Witch

Wandering Witch: Elaina’s Journey is a gem that many anime fans overlook. It takes place in a beautiful fantasy world and follows the story of Elaina, a witch in her own right who travels the world. There are plenty of fantasy anime full of magic, supernatural characters, and fascinating landscapes, but wandering witch stands out by repositioning the public’s gaze through the imagination.

Even though it has been years since its inception, wandering witch has the potential to soothe its viewers by putting aside the fight scenes and action sequences and focusing only on the adventurous journey. Here’s what it’s all about, and how and where to enjoy Elaina’s journey across different mediums.

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The plot of the wandering witch

wandering witch takes place in a magical world. As a young child, Elaina was always captivated by the stories of the famous witch and traveler Nike. Wanting to experience the wonders of adventure herself, she works hard to become a witch.

Despite the many challenges she faces along the way, Elaina’s diligence helps her succeed and become the youngest apprentice witch. She cannot immediately find someone to train her, but soon she meets Fran, the “Stardust Witch” who becomes her master. After earning the title of “Ashen Witch”, Elaina embarks on her long-awaited journey in which she visits and encounters all kinds of people and places.

In each episode, as viewers witness a small part of Elaina’s long journey, a different story with different characters is told. While the premise is simple, the execution suggests that it’s not impossible for a show that lacks an overarching plot to be great.

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Where to read the Wandering Witch manga and light novels

wandering witch was created by Jougi Shiraishi and Azure, starting as a light novel series in the spring of 2016. So far, there are 18 volumes and the story continues. The series has been licensed for English release by Yen Press, with seven translated volumes to date that are currently available for purchase. The manga adaptation of the light novels is licensed and available for purchase through Square Enix.

For those who prefer to have physical copies for their shelves, many book retailers like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Walmart will carry the hard copies of light novels and manga. As for digital copies, the previously mentioned retailers also sell an e-book version of light novels and manga.

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Where to watch the Wandering Witch anime

The first season of wandering witchthe anime adaptation of, directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka — best known for the Berserk movie trilogy – airing from October to December 2020. Unfortunately, there is still no news of a second season as of this writing.

wandering witch is currently available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Prime Video. For those who prefer to own the physical versions of the anime, the Blu-ray version of the first season is available for purchase from Amazon and RightStufAnime.

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