White Sox draft rally: right-handed pitchers still in sight

It’s been a few weeks since our first round of the White Sox Draft for the 2021 MLB Draft, but generally speaking, I try to follow the rule of three. With Baseball America releasing its fourth simulation draft a month and a half before the MLB Draft, that gave us a quorum, which includes ESPN’s first this year.

The final group gives three new names for the White Sox at # 22. Include both from our first look at the screenings, and four out of five are right-handed pitchers.

  • White Sox Selection: Chase Petty, RHP, Mainland Regional HS, Linwood, NJ
  • Previous model: Andrew Painter, RHP, Calvary Christian HS, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Carlos Collazo’s point of view: “The White Sox have tackled a few flamethrowers in recent releases (Garrett Hook, Jared Kelley) and if they wanted to chase speed again, Petty is the guy. He has the toughest fastball in the prep class and has also shown a glimpse of a longer slider, but sometimes there is strain on his operation and erratic control. He presents himself as a polarizing prospect for teams, but sentiment around the industry seems to be that he will find a place behind the first. Haughton (La.) Top shortstop Peyton Stovall could also be a target here.

Petty is a polarizing prospect because he throws so hard from a 6-foot, 185-pound frame. This is a Florida commit that is either ranked # 25 (Baseball America, MLB pipeline) or n ° 32 on (Keith Law, Kiley McDaniel). As with the previous pick, Painter is already off the board at # 20, so Petty if the third prep arm is taken. What jumps out at me is Vanderbilt’s Kumar Rocker, at one point considered a candidate for 1-1, falling to the Royals in 7th place.

  • White Sox selection: Adrian Del Castillo, C, Miami
  • Previous model: Sam Bachman, RHP, Miami, Ohio

Jonathan Mayo’s point of view: “Once considered one of the best college bats in the class, he wrestled early, but maybe last weekend (4v11, 4 RBIs) is a sign he’s warming up, although the lack of power and the fringing defense make him difficult to place.

The White Sox drafted Del Castillo in the 36th round in 2018, two years after picking a Hurricanes wide receiver who wasn’t a lock to stay behind plate, so there’s a story here. Zack Collins is still catching up despite being one of the worst receivers in the league, so you can’t necessarily stop Del Castillo from doing the same if the White Sox signed him for his hitting bat, which starts slowly this season. . He was considered one of the top five talents by some heading into the season, but he slipped into the middle / back half of the first round on the various boards.

ESPN (May 11)

  • The White Sox choose: Jaden Hill, RHP, LSU

Kiley McDaniel’s point of view: “Hill was in the top 10 picks at the start of the year despite a short record on the mound and some injuries. He was up and down with flashes of grandeur this spring and then he fell with Tommy John’s surgery. The lack of background and polish puts him next to advanced high school pitchers, but the surgery schedule pushes Hill behind the top two prep arms. It can also land in the lineup or at the start of the second round where a team can split the savings of their top pick, but I would expect an in-line bonus with the 15th to 25th overall pick (that’s $ 3-4 million). ). “

Hill made BA’s top 10 before Tommy John’s surgery, which he underwent in April. Due to previous injuries, his previous role in rescue and the pandemic, his work with the Tigers was limited to 51 innings, so he was unable to show if his power can hold up start after start. . For some context, the White Sox drafted Garrett Hook under equally mysterious circumstances regarding his newfound power, but Hook pitched 132 innings for Tennessee.


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