Wings, Garbage Plates and Other Culinary Icons Highlighted in Upstate Eats Tourism Campaign

A new tourism campaign is being launched that celebrates many of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton’s culinary classics, and encourages travelers to visit some of the famous destinations that serve them.

It is known as the Upstate Eats Trail, and highlights many famous places and menu items.

The project had been under development for about a year. The Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton tourism offices will work together to market and promote it to the traveling public and the national food and travel media. They have taken note of the increase in vacation car travel during the COVID pandemic and are targeting this audience.

“There is a real new excitement surrounding rediscovering attraction within one’s own community. That’s what our data is telling us and going to closer destinations that can be reached by car, ”said Ross Levi, vice president and executive director of tourism for I Love New York. “Looks like the great American road trip is back. And luckily, it goes straight through New York State.

Buffalo stops include Ted’s Hot Dogs, Bocce Club Pizza, Anchor Bar, Schwabl’s, and Parkside Candy. The garbage dish, made famous by Nick Tahou, is one of Rochester’s offerings. Salted potatoes are featured in Syracuse, while chicken spies are included in Binghamton’s list.

But the tourist campaign is not limited to food. Edward Healy, vice president of marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara, said the writer they hired to lead the information gathering for the project came back with more than just local specialties.

“He came out in search of these really interesting stories, not just culinary stories, but American heritage stories, American stories, stories that we thought would capture the romance of the open road in our part of the world. New York State, ”he said. “And I think what he came back with, maybe even surprised all of us who make a living telling this type of story, because he really dug deeper than we had before.”

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