YA Comics and Graphic Novels Released October-December 2021

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It’s been a big year for YA comics and graphic novels, with the launch of even more YA graphic novel prints from major publishers and a big buzz for new artists and writers. While my own reading of graphic novels has slowed down as my library access was spotty again this year (thanks, COVID), I get back to work and devour all the graphic novels I missed in 2020 , and catching up with some favorites released in 2021. So far, my favorites this year include Cheer Up: Love and Pom-Poms by Crystal Frasier and Val Wise, and Girl from the Sea by Molly Knox Ostertag (the creator of The Witch Boy!). I also loved, loved Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle’s Squad – but more on that below!

As we look towards the end of the year, here’s a roundup of the new YA comics and graphic novels on shelves from October through December 2021 that you don’t want to miss. We’ve got a nice mix of standalone and popular original adaptations of YA books, and a memoir that, fun to say, had to be CIA approved before it could be published! Plus, here’s a fun bonus: Graphic novels, memoirs, and comics allow for quick reads if you need to slip a few extra books onto your TBR to meet your year-end reading goal!

team book cover

Squad of Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle

Becca is Piedmont’s newest girl, and she’s surprised to find out on her first day that she’s been noticed by the school’s most popular girls, the Squad. They are beautiful, charming, maybe a little dangerous … but Becca doesn’t realize how dangerous they are until they reveal that they are werewolves, and that they have to hunt and kill a person every month. The squad makes a point of only hunting bad boys who don’t understand the concept of consent, and Becca is only too happy to become one of them… until they push their mission of justice. self-defense a bit too far and have to pay the price. It’s a great, visually striking graphic novel about rape culture and friendships, with a great queer subplot! Plus, he’s already been selected for the movie!


Passport by Sophia Glock

In this fascinating book, Sophia Glock chronicles her childhood and adolescence, growing up an American girl overseas in many different countries, struggling to find her place. When she finds out that her parents work for the CIA and there is a reason why she is not allowed to know too much about their work, or to reveal a lot about her life to friends, it forces her to confront herself and her own sense of identity in an unnamed Central American city. While this book is more of a coming-of-age story than a spy story, it’s a fascinating glimpse into a very unconventional upbringing.

Himawari House Blanket

Himawari House by Harmony Becker

Set in Tokyo, this graphic novel follows three teenagers, Nao, Hyejung, and Tina, who all came to Japan as foreign students and find themselves living at Himawari House. They attend the same immersion school, where they find themselves immersed in a rigorous academic program while sailing alone in a foreign country. Nao is an adoptee who hopes to reconnect with her culture while Hyejung and Tina seek freedom, but together the three find friendship and community in each other.

Lifetime Pass Coverage

Lifetime Pass by Terry Blas and Claudia Aguirre

Jackie Chavez loves Kingdom Adventure, his local theme park. It’s her favorite place in the whole world, and the only place she has felt safe since her mother was deported. But when Jackie’s aunt tells her that they can’t afford a season pass for next season, she and her friends hatch a rather grim plan: They’ll form a bogus volunteer program and bring in money. elderly people with them at the park. It’s a well-kept park secret that if someone dies at Kingdom Adventure, their party members get free passes for life. It might be macabre, but that’s all Jackie has. However, she is about to discover that the elderly people she brings to the park have a thing or two to teach her about life.

Cover of the graphic novel Graceling

Graceling: the graphic novel by Kristin Cashore and Gareth Hinds

In this adaptation of YA’s best-selling fantasy novel, Katsa is a Graceling with a rare skill at killing others, and as the King’s niece, she is forced to do whatever he wants and kill her enemies. She hates this life, but is trapped in the circumstances until she can find a way to escape. Then she meets Po, a prince from a neighboring kingdom with fighting skills that almost match her own, and her entry into her life soon throws Katsa into a mystery that will reveal the shocking truth about her Grace.

Prankster blanket

Prankster: Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, Elley Cooper and Andrea Waggener

The latest graphic collection in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series is a haunting selection of three graphic novels about teens Jeremiah, Joel and Amy. Jeremiah has finished being the butt of his colleagues’ jokes, so decides to defend himself. Joel can’t wait to get out of town, but for now he’s stuck in his family’s business. And Aimee finally has the courage to break up with a toxic friend. But each of these characters face unintended consequences for their moments of action.

Fly By Night blanket

Flying at Night by Tara O’Connor

Dee’s twin is missing and no one seems to be doing enough to save her. So Dee finds herself patrolling the nearby woods on her own, desperately hoping she will find answers. What she finds instead are monsters and a horrific plot to destroy the pine forests she has spent so much time in. Now she has a dual mission of finding her sister and saving the woods, and the two will force her to realize that there are monsters everywhere, but it’s the least expected ones that are the most. dangerous.

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